Stop the demolition of Cuttagee Bridge and its replacement with a concrete structure

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Reasons to protect Cuttagee Bridge:

The bridge 

* is heritage listed and considered “iconic”. 
Cuttagee, with the Murrah and Wallaga Lake bridges, are unique along the NSW coast. 

* is historic, and gives an insight into what life on the coast was like before modernisation destroyed so much.

* is aesthetic. The bridge is featured in books, movies, tourism promotions .

* makes people slow down to appreciate the area.

 * makes the Cuttagee lake/estuary area safer as drivers have to slow down for the single lane bridge.

Reasons to not replace Cuttagee Bridge:

* A two lane bridge will allow drivers to travel much faster across the water body, endangering lake and beach users who park along the road. This area is heavily used by many people especially over summer and other peak tourist times, and even 40 kph is considered too fast by some.

* The Tathra-Bermagui Road along Cuttagee Beach is considered to be in the “almost certain” Erosion and Recession Hazards zone under Bega Valley Shire Council’s Coastal Processes and Hazards Definition Study.

* Building a new bridge, in the long term, would be a waste of money due to predicted sea level rise, erosion and coastal inundation.

* Funds would be better spent determining an alternative inland route to withstand sea level rise and extreme events (Option 4 for the Council agenda on Wednesday 10.3.21)

* The bridges give a unique, laid back, historic character to the area, and if Cuttagee Bridge  is replaced, the area will be one more step towards the homogenous, predicable, hurried character typical of the rest of the NSW coast.