Animal Shelter In The Bega Valley

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In New South Wales we, as a state, have the highest kill rate of all of Australia. Out of 8 of the states of Australia we have we have not only the highest euthanasia rate but also the most homeless/abandoned animal rates. As a state known for its amazing country scenery and cities it’s a shame that we have such high statistics around such a horrible subject. 

In this state we have put down double that of Queensland’s numbers in dogs. 2302 dogs. How many cats you ask? Times that number by three. These numbers are only the amount for cats and dogs in New South Wales in the last year. So in a decade this number will reach to about 30-40 thousand cats and dogs. Feel guilty yet? Well, you should.

My goal for this petition is for more shelters to be built in rural areas starting in the Bega Valley Shire. As a rural area we don’t have access to these facilities because the closest shelter is almost 6 hours away and understandably not many people are willing to drive that far for most things usually ending with homeless dogs, feral cats or euthanised cats and dogs. I could start stating the statistics for other animals but I think my message is clear. 

We need more shelters and we need them now.