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Help me revoke Leeah Knight`s license to breed Shi-Tzus!

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Please join me and sign this petition to help put a stop to Leeah Knight`s wrong doings. She has a licence to breed Shih-Tzus and I would like to see it revoked. She has numerous (over 20) female Shih-Tzus that she is breeding and males of an unknown number which all are kept in her detached garage under unknown conditions. When I came to her house to look at a 1 year old black Shih-Tzu that was up for "buying", she said that he was not to her standards to breed him. I found him in unacceptable conditions. At that point all that I saw was matting. Some, from I believe were caused by sitting in his own urine! He also had fleas! Later that week I took him to the vet where "Sebastian" was diagnosed with having fleas, a bacterial and yeast infection of the ears, Tapeworms, UTI with pus draining from his penis and being severely matted, plus was severely underweight. He also still had some of his baby teeth ( 1 1/2 years old). While I was at Mrs Knights home I also witnessed at least 5 Shih-Tzus in a 6 by 6 dog-pen. It was freezing and snowing outside and they were cold and wet. She brought in ( to show off ) 2 tzus. One was shaking and wet and (in her own words) was due any day. This little girl was so cold to the touch as my husband and I held her. Another Tzu ( 6 months of age ) was also wet ( I do have to stress that is was freezing cold outside). Later that same week I received information that 2 dogs were found inside one of her trash cans. One of which was already dead. The other pup died on the way to the veterinarian. It appeared to bystanders ( neighbors ) that the tzu`s where bashed in their heads. As I was told this was not the first time dead dogs were found inside her trash bins. Waste Management also reported to have found dead pups in her trash cans. if that wasn't enough, she has a burn-pile on her premisses on which dog carcasses were discovered. Please-please help me to have her breeding-licence revoked. Our life-companions deserve better that this! Our babies are innocent little angels that need us. People like Leeah Knight give reputable breeders a bad name! I am asking for you to give our sooo beloved pets a voice. Thank you in advance. Sincerely: Ute Ursula Murdoch.

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