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The USDA recently changed their policy on ground beef being supplied to schools throughout the country. This decision was based on a petition signed by 200,000 people, which is 0.07% of the population. The outcry was in response to libel and slanderous remarks regarding the safest form of ground beef available to consumers (Beef Products Inc. LFTB). This decision was not based on the science and facts, which USDA officials themselves claim prove the safety of the product. Government decisions should not be based on the views of a small percentage when the safety of the majority is at risk.

Our beef is 100% beef in every way, shape, or form.  Due to irresponsible reporting and social media slander your right to purchase the safest most high quality ground beef you can buy has been taken away. They have taken a shot at food safety and in turn your freedom to make an educated decision. The past 30 years our family of employees has been committed to offering safe, high quality, lean beef to this country. Please join us in our cause.

Sign this petition and fight for your right as a consumer. Fight for your right to purchase the safest, most high quality, economical ground beef in your local supermarket. 






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Beef is Beef
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Everyone in this country that purchases and consumes Ground Beef..

To obtain the truth and the facts about Lean Finely Textured Beef

Beef Products, Inc has been dedicated to producing cost effective and SAFE Lean Beef and our character has been grossly misrepresented. The consumers deserve the truth about our product.


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