Stop Imprisoning me without charge.

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I have been imprisoned 9 times without ever being charged all because a relative of mine that tried and failed to get my father's will changed in his favour.He, the complainant against me lives in Essex, I live in Bedfordshie and have had complaints upheld by the IPCC. As this has happened over 24months it has driven me to the brink of suicide. In fact, it is recorded that to speak to a police officer I had to start taking 2 tranquillisers every 20 minutes until an officer called me back. The police seem to be unavailable and it was only when the call handler heard what I was doing did she threaten to send an officer to me. I said I have 100 pills and if I see an officer near my house I will take all 100 washed down with a pint of lager as I'm happy to die to prove my innocence. Well, this is what I had to do to get someone to speak to. I agree I have a few mental health issues but I am not a danger to the public as my doctor and a police doctor will confirm. One instance two officers asked Bedfordshire to arrest me for calling this person a mug. First I think he is a mug but I did not call him that. For this I was knocked up at 5am and spent most of that day in Luton Police station. I explained to the officers from Essex that if they take me to court which I wanted them to do it would not be me the magistrate would be interested in. He would have lambasted them for wasting his and the courts time. Released with not so much as sorry.

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