Bedfordshire Police - immediately release Indy, the dog with “most placid, gentle soul”

Bedfordshire Police - immediately release Indy, the dog with “most placid, gentle soul”

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Why this petition matters

Started by Matthew Hendley

Please note that this petition was originally placed with 38 Degrees who, after 10,000 signatures were added, decided to remove the petition from their site. 

Indy, a Romanian rescue dog was seized by officers from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Joint Protective Services (BP) yesterday (3 February) after reports she had bitten a child, which was not the case.

Like many Romanian rescues, Indy went through hell before coming to the UK, dumped as an 8- month-old puppy at shelter gates.

She is not a banned breed, she is not a dangerous dog.

BP obtained a warrant to seize the dog on 23 December 2021 but only executed the warrant six-weeks later.

BP waited six-weeks to execute the warrant concerning a dog they mistakenly think could be dangerous but weren’t bothered about what a potentially ‘dangerous’ dog could do in 6 weeks.

Indy is nervous and fearful but with the right person, a kind hand, slow movements and a calm voice she is the most placid, gentle soul.

Fear aggression in dogs is very different to true aggression. Fearful dogs cower, they will try to make themselves small and invisible. Indy is terrified of strangers and people she is not used to.

The dog handlers were arrogant and intimidating, presenting themselves with catchpoles and when the owner asked if she could have support they denied it and the emphasis was on removing her by whatever means.

Public anger

Since we contacted BP they have posted the same comment on their Facebook page which has been inundated with comments of protest.

“Bedfordshire police, sometimes common sense much come into the equation. This poor poor dog, my heart is breaking for her,” said one.

Another added, “This was a clear case of not reading or listening to the dog! Cruel and terrifying for the poor dog and it’s (sic) mum. Let’s use compassion when it comes to animals, they are sentient beings. Come on police get this right.”

A veterinary surgeon has also joined the criticism, “Bedfordshire Police I am a veterinary surgeon and I find this treatment of a terrified dog abhorrent and totally unnecessary.

“Large, intimidating strangers in uniform and carrying poles, how would you expect a nervous dog to react? I have been brought many terrified ‘dangerous dogs’ by the police and they respond so much better to gentle and calm handling.

“If a terrified dog like this bites you, it is a reflection of the poor way that you have approached them.”

Why is this important?

Appropriate careful care is required when handling any rescue dog, particularly from countries with no consideration for animal welfare whatsoever.

Indy is kept at home and is categorically not a threat to anybody. She's incredibly sweet and gentle and deserves to be at home where she's safe and warm, and not in the custody of the police, whose handling of the matter has been appalling.

Bedfordshire Police - please release Indy back to her home or at the very least to Claire Harding, a wonderful young woman whose care for animals is incomparable.


51,082 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!