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Promise not to sell products that use goose down pulled out of live geese!

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Ripping feathers out of live geese is probably the cruelest possible way to get goose down for products like jackets and comforters. That’s why a major retailers like Patagonia, Northface, and Ikea have taken steps to make sure their goose down is collected in ways that don’t torture geese.

But Bed Bath & Beyond hasn’t made that promise. Their suppliers don’t promise to gather their down humanely, and unlike other retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t make any claim that their suppliers prove they are treating animals well, or even promise to.

Sign this petition to tell Bed Bath & Beyond they should pledge only to use goose down suppliers that don’t pull feathers out of live geese.

Tearing feathers out of a goose is tremendously painful, and geese who undergo this horrible process can have their feathers ripped out six or seven times before they die. When this process tears the geese’s skin, it’s typical for these down collectors to just stitch their wounds back together--without any anesthesia.

There’s no law in the US that says suppliers have to say how they got their goose down, so it’s up to stores at the end of the supply chain to make sure their suppliers aren’t torturing these animals. Tell Bed Bath & Beyond to pledge they will make sure their products aren’t the result of animal cruelty by requiring that their suppliers not pull feathers from live geese.

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