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show engagement for animal protection!!

We protest against these shocking facts concerning the UEFA Football Euro 2012 in Ukraine:
- In "preparation" of the Football Euro 2012 the host cities of Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv show more than 50,000 dogs have been brutally killed (shot, poisoned or burned while still alive!!) over the past year. Animal protection groups believe the number is far higher!!
- Earlier this month the Kiev government said it was to stop killing strays. But Judith Pein, of the German branch of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said it was still happening!!
- The UEFA (official Organizer) did not show serious effort to stop this barbaric slaughter of innocent animals. The UEFA’s statement: “We do not want to interfere with the organizer´s business” is simply a scandal!!
- The UEFA has given 8.000 Euros for the sterilization of stray dogs/cats in the cities of Ukraine and is giving away 196 MILLION Euros on bonuses for the whole football event!! The victory team of the tournament can cash up to 23,5 Million Euros! With only a small percentage of that money thousands of dogs could have been saved!!!
- There are approximately 250.000 stray dogs in Ukraine, which are at risk of a brutal mass murder!!
- The UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine has twelve official global sponsors:
Adidas - Canon- Castrol - Coca-Cola - Continental Orange - Telekomunikacja Polska - Hyundai-Kia – Carlsberg - McDonalds - SHARP
- These companies pay millions of Euros to “sponsor” this football event. None of these global sponsors have tried to end the massive killing of the stray dogs and cats. None of these companies has given any money to support local animal organizations. To say that “we are sponsors, no political party” is absolutely inacceptable!

“Killing” in the name of football- sport does not correlate with the UEFA’s idea of “fair play”.

Sponsoring a sport event means supporting it!!

We the undersigned are calling the UEFA and all 12 official sponsors of the Football Euro 2012 in Ukraine to show engagement for animal protection in their entire volume of their financial possibilities as compensation of the mass killing of stray animals in the cities of Ukraine!!

URGENT ---- Send your personal complaint letter direct to all Sponsors who support this bloody football event! Send a direct message to the UEFA !! link and email addresses all under "Petition updates"!! ----

This petition was delivered to:
  • Official Sponsor
    Becca Hary - McDonald’s Manager
  • Official Sponsor
    Canon Public Relations Department
  • Official Sponsor
    Caitlin Albaugh - Adidas Public Relations Manager United States
  • Official Sponsor
    McDonald’s Europe
  • Official Sponsor
    Robert Hughes - Adidas PR Manager Football Germany
  • Official Sponsor
    V. Anand Deputy Manager - Hyundai Corporate Communication
  • Official Sponsor
    Jens Bekke - Carlsberg VP Communications, Northern Europe
  • Official Sponsor
    Ben Morton - Carlsberg VP Communications, Western Europe
  • UEFA & Official sponsors of UEFA Football Euro 2012 in Ukraine
  • Adidas
  • McDonald's
  • Official Sponsor
    Lisa Howard - McDonald’s Senior Director
  • Organizer of the Football Euro 2012

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