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At a time like this, whilst Mental Health is a concern at its greatest, our school cannot and should not get rid of the school counsellors. Suicide is the third leading cause of death especially amongst the ages of approx. 14 - 24; in most cases of suicide, the victim had no one to talk to. A counsellor has the effect of turning these kinds of cases around. I have personally spoken to a counsellor at Beal High School, who had stated that if the school is stripped of professional mental help, there will be students who are at great risk of becoming victims of depression and even situations involving self-harming and suicide. This absurd decision to get rid of our counsellors will affect the students in ways the school has clearly not thought about. These relationships built with counsellors take time to progress, and once they are formed, they are strong and bring comfort to students with mental health disorders. These relationships cause students to be heavily dependent on them until they are treated. The school cannot take away the counselling service. They say they cannot afford to keep them; yet I see unnecessary funding, such as the money going towards the refurbishment of windows of a whole building and having a school dog. Mental Health should be one of, if not, the most important concerns of the school, as it not only affects the student emotionally and mentally but also education wise. Please sign this petition in order to show the school how important it is to address and deal with mental health. Beal High School needs their counsellors. The school wouldn't think once of getting rid of the medical school nurse, so why the counsellors? Keeping the school counsellors is just as crucial, and should not be dismissed as if it is of no importance to the students.

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