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Suicide is a murder

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How could you be whole in a broken place? In a place that craves change yet isn't wiling to do anything? Everyday, 121 people commit suicide and choose to end their journey. How many more lives should be taken for us to hear their cries?
Falling asleep in the middle of the night knowing you were one of the reasons why.

Welcome to our petition, to consider suicide as a murder. You can't judge what you don't understand and you can't give justice to someone who died with reasons unsaid. The  world already has been in chaos to the point that suicide has been a topic not given much attention though it should be. Don't push them to the edge, hope isn't dead.

Some suicides deal with mental health but some deaths are because of something driving them to do it. 

With the example of the case of Michelle Carter and her boyfriend:

"A teenage girl who sent her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill himself asked a judge Friday to keep statements she made to police out of her involuntary manslaughter trial.

The request was among almost two dozen motions filed by lawyers for Michelle Carter, now 19, in Taunton Juvenile Court, The Boston Globe reported"

 To those who couldn't speak up for themselves; We, as young students use our voice to speak up for all those who lost hope along the way. Use yours to petition for us and give remembrance for those forgotten and cases not given justice.

Our example is the case of Alfie Anido:

"Alfie Anido died at a young age of 21 and just one day short before his 22nd birthday. Reports showed that Anido shot himself in his own house in Bel Air, Makati City. His death became controversial due to rumors that it was murder, which hindered closure on his suicide case that remained a mysterious issue until this present day.

The homicide rumor was linked to his ex-girlfriend Katrina Enrile, the daughter of Juan Ponce Enrile who was the Defense Minister in Marcos’ time, the same time this suicide case happened. Several allegations pin-pointed Jack, Katrina’s brother to have shot Anido after a lover’s quarrel."

   This is one example of the incompetency of the justice department when suicide comes to mind. Sign our petition for the voices that went silent will be heard once again. 


Be the change you want to see in the world. Before it's too late. 


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