Be the voice of a Dalit child, demand punishment for the teacher & 50 lakh compensation

Be the voice of a Dalit child, demand punishment for the teacher & 50 lakh compensation

17 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hansraj Meena

Trigger Warning: The petition mentions caste-based violence.

The death of a 9-year-old Dalit child in Rajasthan has shocked the entire country and the world. If we keep silent on this caste-based violence then every Dalit child in the country will go to their school in fear.

According to some media reports, the innocent child was brutally thrashed because he allegedly 'drank water from an upper caste teacher’s pot'.

It has been 75 years since the country got independence, but the Dalit community is still in the grip of violence and atrocities. The entire Dalit society and country are demanding justice for that child.

At the age of 9, while other children dream about their future, the children of the Dalit community are being punished for drinking water.

The accused teacher has been arrested in this case. A case has been registered for murder under SC-ST Act. But the road to justice is long. That's why I have started this petition. So that we citizens can unite and stand with the family of that innocent in this long journey of getting justice.

Sign my petition and demand from Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot ji that he -

1. Get the harshest punishment to the accused teacher through a hearing in the fast track court
2. Give compensation of 50 lakhs to the victim's family
3. Give government jobs to 2 family members
4. Cancel the recognition of that private school
5. Cancel all gun licenses in Jalore, Pali, and Sirohi districts
6. Bulldoze the ‘statue of discrimination’, Manu’s statue installed in the High Court.

If lakhs of people sign-share this petition, then the government will also understand that now we the citizens of India will not tolerate caste-based violence.



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Signatures: 21,377Next Goal: 25,000
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