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Be the Superheroes our Children Deserve: Make Full Day Kindergarten a Reality

The children of the Bridgewater-Raritan school district deserve the same educational foundation as their cohorts across the county. We can no longer hide behind the patchwork of solutions parents are desperately trying to stitch together so that their children do not fall behind in their cognitive or social/emotional development. We must explore a public school program that meets the needs of ALL children, for ALL families. Sign this petition to demonstrate your support for full day Kindergarten in the Bridgewater-Raritan school district. Join the over 200 members who have been organizing for this important cause since August 2013 by visiting "Bridgewater-Raritan Parents for Full Day Kindergarten" on Facebook. Send an email to to be added to our mailing list. Our children need true heroes- will you be one?

Did you know?

- The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards are based on a full day kindergarten program, yet Bridgewater-Raritan teachers are expected to cover the same material in half the time *

- The National Education Association supports full day K and states it actually saves money:

- Our school district could divert funds used to transport kindergarteners in the middle of the day to help fund full day K

- Enrollment in the district is projected to decrease, making NOW the right time to examine the possibility of full day K:

*learn more about the impact of curriculum changes here:

NAEYC's: Variation in Children's Experience of Kindergarten and the Common Core

Education Week's: The Half Day Kindergarten- Common Core Mismatch

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