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“There is no doubt that the dog owners deserve a piece of the “Park Pie” as do other “special use” groups. Many east side residents enjoy walks with their dogs in El Dorado Dog Park, but want a safe environment for them to run off leash and socialize.

Many residents and city representatives believe this is a great community project.  However, a small but vocal group of residents strongly oppose it.  This petition shows that the residents of east Long Beach and surrounding areas are in support of El Dorado Dog Park. WE NEED YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION SO THAT YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, AND HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Many locations within El Dorado Park where dismissed, for various reasons. The location finally agreed upon is located in the tree farm, which we find to be a good fit next to Animal Care Services. The project will rehabilitate a maintenance yard, making it a park setting.  Viewing this park as a community-enhancing project in partnership with the City of Long Beach, the citizens of east Long Beach and surrounding areas seek to satisfy the need of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike. 

Others have come before us, asking why El Dorado does not have a dog park. Having a dog park within walking distance would fit this community, since many people already walk their dogs in El Dorado Park. Our goal is to create a fenced, off-leash public dog park where our dogs can run, play, exercise, and socialize in a safe and clean environment.

This petition will show that El Dorado Dog Park is in high demand and will be a community asset to the City of Long Beach in many ways.

1.    It promotes responsible pet ownership as well as opportunities for people to bond with their dogs.  Most dogs require the kind of exercise that leashes restrict. The physical and mental benefits provided by healthy play with other dogs are integral for dogs’ longevity and weight control. Dogs are social animals whose mental health improves with interactions with people and other canines. Happy, healthy dogs are calmer and better-behaved, reducing nuisance barking, aggression, and other behavioral problems exhibited by idle and/or non-socialized dogs.

2.    It fosters positive community-building and networking opportunity by providing an environment for social interaction for people, as well as their pets. Families, disabled citizens and the elderly in east Long Beach would greatly benefit by having the opportunity to connect with new people sharing a common interest, exercise and create a lasting, social network.

3.    Residents who do not own a dog benefit because well-exercised dogs are less likely to create a nuisance, bark excessively and destroy property.

4.    Once the off-leash park is constructed, a core group of community activists, including the creators of this petition FEDDP, which is a non-profit group, will commit to its continued maintenance (e.g. organized, periodic, cleanup efforts).

5.    The design of this dog park, with guidance from an architect, will seek to mitigate storm runoff issues. The use of vegetation buffers along the fence line, pooper-scooper stations, and proper grading and water drainage will help control the impacts of dog waste on the receiving waters

6.    El Dorado Dog Park will be a great venue to provide information on shot clinics, microchip clinics, dog training and other information related to keeping the dog park a happy and healthy environment.

Friends of El Dorado Dog Park is collecting donations to get the building of the dog park underway. We are currently planning our Second Annual Holiday Bone-Anza fundraising event. Our first one was a great success last year!  We have an architect working on a rendition and a building plan for submission to the city for approval. The plans will also help us in our goal to find Corporate Sponsorships.

Please join us in making a better life for our dogs. Sign the petition and show the Mayor, Council, Park, and recreation we care about having our Dog Park in El Dorado.

Thank You!

Friends Of El Dorado Dog Park


This petition was delivered to:
  • City Manager
    Pat West
  • Council for District 2
    Suja Lowenthal
  • Council for District 1
    Robert Garcia
  • Mayor
    Bob Foster
  • Council for District 6
    Dee Andrews
  • Council for District 9
    Steven Neal
  • Council for District 8
    Al Austin
  • Council for 7 District
    James Johnson
  • Council for 4th District
    Patrick O'Donnell
  • Council for District 3
    Gary DeLong
  • Director of Parks and Recreation
    George Chapjian

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