take action against BE:LIFTs mismanagement of their idols

take action against BE:LIFTs mismanagement of their idols

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After only months of their debut, BE:LIFT entertainments first boy group ENHYPEN started off well. But as the months progressed they were hit with their first boulder. Fans from all over the globe called to the company and the members to address the ignorant action made by a member yet all we received was radio silence. Even going as far as to push out new contact to keep fans entertained and not thinking about what had happened only a few days before.

This same action has repeated itself in the form of jewellery to be worn by a member, by the companies own hired stylists. Not taking the time to investigate and learn the meaning behind the items they make their artists wear, thus leading their artists to also believing what they’re doing is okay. The ignorance is unbelievable and it has to STOP.

The company also fails at protecting their own artists in general. Just months after debut they were viciously mobbed and targeted by sasaeng fans as they made their way to their destination, leading to members fainting and crying because of how overwhelming the situation was. This is how people get hurt. This is how artists face danger and its because of the companies ignorance and inability to hire enough staff to help keep these boys safe. They were almost all minors at the time. That didn’t happen on just one occasion either, this happened for a second time just months after in 2021. When will it stop?

Leaving your artists in freezing cold venues during the winter for long periods of times in just their stage outfits as well as doing the same during their one year anniversary V-live is sickening. Not to mention the clear distress your youngest member is in, he hasn’t seen his family in years.

Please start respecting your idols.

Regardless of the actions made on January 23rd. The inexcusable way that BE:LIFT once again ignores the fans outcry and pushes out new content while allowing their artists and fans to be seen in a negative way is disgusting. Its not just the 7 who are being ridiculed constantly. Its us too, the ones who just want an apology. Just want the issue to be acknowledged. It’s clear that the company does not care for its reputation and does not care for ENHYPENS reputation either.

A boy group that was marketed as a Global artist? not even paying attention to those global fans that beg for them to be heard. Who even cares for us at this point?

We need this to END.

Please share and sign this petition as much as possible, we need your voice. BE:LIFT is already in plans of debuting a new girl group yet are behaving this way with their current group? who knows what can happen now.

9,015 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!