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End Cosmetic Animal Testing

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   Every year thousands of animals such as mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds are killed in U.S. laboratories for cosmetics testing.  An animal test is defined as an experiment in which animals are forced to test chemicals and products that will most likely harm if not kill them to determine if the product is safe for humans. 

    Cosmetic animal testing has obvious scientific limitations, because different types of species respond differently when exposed to the same chemicals. In addition results from animal tests are not relevant to people as they can under- or overestimate serious health dangers to humans. In addition, the results from animal tests are difficult to interpret and they are unreliable.

      Non-animal testing alternatives can combine human cell-based tests and advanced computer models to achieve relevant results in hours/days, unlike some animal tests that can take months or years. Non-animal testing options are also much more cost effective than animal testing.

      In addition to being unreliable and ineffective it is cruel and inhuman. Animas are slaughtered and mistreated for the soul purpose of creating the perfect cosmetics. We can stop the horrific abuse by purchasing products that are cruelty free and boycotting companies that use animal testing. Hopefully by our refusing to purchase animal tested products these cosmetic companies will one day use the better alternatives and put an end to cosmetic animal testing.

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