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Be a warrior and support the ISF Foundation by fighting against Animal Cruelty!!!

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At 8 December 2010 Ian Somerhalder launched at his 32th Birthday the ISF foundation, He hopes that donations will be used to provide proper medical services to stray animals and we need to help him with it. As you all now there is a lot of animal cruelty in this world, and like Ian Somerhalder i want this to stop.
So all you guys who love Ian Somerhalder support him with his amazing foundation so his action will be succeed!

Also the ISF foundation had started a Petition for saving the Sled dogs, in an article by the Vancouver Sun showed up that the manager from The Howling Dogs Tours, who killed the sled dogs, said that he tried to contact the BC SPCA for help but they didn't investigate it and turned down a request to shelter the dogs, he also claims that the dogs were not adoptable. How cruel is that people, too kill those animals?!! 
Show your support and sign now;

We must put an end to this and helping this amazing animals that don't even do something wrong i mean, who can even hurt  such great animals, for my opinion you just don't have a heart than. And it's not only the Sled Dogs who need our help, it are also so many other animals who get threatened, abused, killed by humans! We must listen to our hearts, open our eyes, and just help them!

With this petition i wanna show my support to the ISF Foundation by asking everyone in this world to not close their eyes and show their support to the ISF foundation and most important too the animals they wanna try to help. Because it is not only ourselves too take care about, but also those lovely animals in this world that i just can't imagine that someone would ever harm them because they don't harm anyone in this world the only thing they want is a friend, someone who cares about them, someone who loves them back with all their heart, someone who doesn't harm them for something, because i know they love their owner back. But unfortunally it happens and it has too end NOW! It just breaks my heart to see it everytime in the news when an animal gets abused or killed. I have also animals in my home and i just can't imagine that something would happen to them i would be heartbroken. What would happen too you if it was your animal you see that got killed by a hater!??


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

~~ Mahatma Gandhi ~~

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