Why No Feedback & Action on Revised Master Plan 2031 (RMP31), Citizens Ask?

Why No Feedback & Action on Revised Master Plan 2031 (RMP31), Citizens Ask?

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Heritage Beku started this petition to D Kumaraswamy (Chief Minister) and

Why is there no feedback, open consultation , public discussion or even listing of suggestions and ideas on the Revised Master Plan 2031 (RMP31) , even after 7.5 months have passed since the 23 Jan 2018 , the last date for citizens to file objections  ? The RMP31 was issued on 6th November 2017 and a short while given for inputs , given upcoming state elections. From a  citizen viewpoint :  .  (http://bengaluru.citizenmatters.in/revised-master-plan-2031-for-bengaluru-22286 

  1. Detailing. Great effort esp for eg on Heritage , environment  but several errors of omission & commission
  2. More informed and organized citizen groups & response  this time 
  3. Section wise response , as well geographic & special interest group response . RWAs were able to give specific ward wise feedback 
  4. Lot of effort gone in to understand , drill down, double check, compare data and then comment 
  5. No transparency in process & progress once all 13000 objections/ inputs reviewed. Which was group involved , what were the methodology and approach used for organizing & crystallizing Data? 
  6. Yes, elections in May certainly could have diverted focus & efforts , but for how long?
  7. This silence & lack of any update from BDA is very disrespectful to Bangalore citizens who put aside tremendous time , office energy & effort to get the suggestion & feedback involved 
  8. We would request that we have an immediate response from the BDA Commissioner , on the status so far, the methodology of reviewing and organizing all the objections , and a perspective on how these will interpolated into  the mix. 
  9. No confirmation on the outside date by Bangalore Minister in Charge , BDA & parastatals to action the RMP31. If they give the Bangalore public  till Jan  23rd to file inputs, we should also to give them a clear deadline to respond, failing which they should give up thier position .
  10. A open  discussion with the public & concerned special interest groups to address & action points of concern , is critical . We have no idea what happened to the paperwork & all our effort . . 
  11. To end, the RMP31 was made at tax payers cost , and some of the base although flawed , had some excellent features , but now the GoK must response to this as well - and must update & action the RMP31 with citizen suggestions

The Revised Master Plan for Bangalore 2031 was published for public suggestions and comments on 6th November 2017. The government of Karnataka did not extend the period of public display of the plan, despite multiple pleas from various civil society organisations. This remained restricted to a 30 day period.

A very active civil society group concerned about Heritage preservation in the city submitted a compilation of suggestions and comments, from evolving immediate measures to safeguard public heritage, to broader policy outlines. A whole range of civil society organisations engaged in addressing concerns about traffic and transport, environment, liveable neighbourhoods, solid waste management, affordable housing and urban design have submitted their policy level and regulatory concerns in the RMP 2031 and recommend amendments and policy interventions. Citizens at large have submitted more than 13,000 suggestions and comments.

Eight months have passed and the Bangalore Development Authority has not reverted to citizens of the city with responses to suggestions and comments submitted.

Previously, in June 2005, when the draft RMP 2015 for Bangalore was published, BDA along with civil society organisations had launched a series of open workshops covering each theme/ sector within which civil society representatives, domain experts and affected citizens led the process to deliberate upon issues confronting the sector/ the city. The State government constituted the PSS Thomas committee to evaluate all vision and strategic suggestions submitted by the civil society groups.

It has been widely acknowledged that the Karnataka Town & Country Act 1961, sting other relevant legislation needs amendment to ensure openness in decision making.

The civil society in Bengaluru has been demanding transparency in decision making on the planning and service delivery front for more than a decade. This has only deepened momentum now.

In such a circumstance the onus is entirely on a proactive state government and the BDA to lead the citizenry of Bengaluru through a collaborative approach to finalising the master plan and in particular need to citizens suggestions on Heritage presentation. However rather than setting a precedent to other cities in the state (and the country) state government and the BDA seem to continue to finalise the RMP 2031 within closed doors?

The KTCPA 1961 mandates the BDA to constitute a three member committee to review suggestions and comments received during the public display of the RMP. The citizens presume this committee has now been constituted and evaluation of vision level and individual suggestions and comments are underway at the BDA’s office.

Why is there no communication from the BDA on this matter?

The RMP 2031 is s public statutory document. Citizens taxes contribute to preparation and execution of the plan. It’s content must be in consensus with the citizens of the city.

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