Dwenger's Return to the Traditional Home Side at Zollner

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We, the students of Bishop Dwenger High School, request that the decision be made to return to the traditional home side at Zollner stadium for the following reasons:

a. We won state on the traditional side, and it holds so many precious memories for our alumni, faculty, and students. Many alumni and parents did, in fact, sit on the traditional side last Friday.                   

b. As seen at Friday's (8-25-17) game, the student section overflowed greatly. The argument that the new side provides a better viewing experience, while at first glance may seem beneficial, is invalid. Students who are unable to enter the student section cannot see the game at all. We, the student body, would much rather be in the student section with our fellow Saints than have to stand off to the side of our community, or even not stand in the stands at all. The entire experience on the new side was uncomfortably close for those who even made it into the stands. Standing (overflow) on the stairs may even be a hazard if we need to evacuate the stands for whatever reason. 


We, the student body, would greatly appreciate the consideration of this change, because we want to maintain our traditions as Saints, and because we actually want to be able to comfortably enjoy and see the game. There was nothing in the survey about what prompted this change, so we believe it to be unnecessary and detrimental to our viewing experience. 

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