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MAKE BISHOP ELEMENTARY GREEN AND GOLD AGAIN!!! I am all for patriotism but what happened to our school pride? Bishop Elementary requires kids to wear ONLY red or blue polos and even their school spirit shirt is red and blue!! I took my daughter to the school this morning for UIL competition, understanding they had to wear a BISHOP shirt but not understanding it had to be blue or red. WHO CHANGED THE COLORS?! Was this voted on? Whoever decided this lacks Badger pride! Maybe their old school colors were red and blue, not ours! When my daughter went on a field trip this year someone tried to guess all the different schools by the colors of their uniforms and was stumped by BISHOP in red and blue. ENOUGH. I demand we go back to our school colors, we bleed green and gold people!! Come on Badger Alumni, who's with me?! MY GRANDPA WAS A GREEN AND GOLD BADGER, MY MOM, MY UNCLE, MY SISTER, MYSELF, MY CHILDREN!! ALL OF OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATIONS MUST LOVE THE GREEN AND GOLD AND FEEL THE PRIDE! WE ARE NOT RED AND BLUE! 

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