Open up South Florida. Support the hospitality industry.

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Palm Beach County is at a crossroads. With each passing day, more restaurants and businesses are making the tough decision to close their doors. Forcing their employees out of work and into unemployment.

The incremental phases adopted by the county do not make a material difference in safety.  But, these restrictions do make a material difference in whether a business can afford to stay open.  Moving to full Phase 2 along with the rest of Florida will give businesses a greater chance for survival without posing any material risk to the citizens of Palm Beach County.

The choice always rests with families and individuals regarding what they are comfortable participating in.  If a citizen is not comfortable dining at a restaurant or going out, they don’t have to. 

Restaurants are not an “optional activity.” They have been part of the essential business model since the beginning. Servers, managers, owners and operators incomes depend on getting back to normal. It’s not just owners facing ruin. More than half of the industry’s workers in our county have had shift cut or hours diminished or are unemployed.

As long as masks and social distancing requirements are in place, it is just as safe to participate in these activities in Palm Beach as it is in the rest of the state.  Citizens should have a choice, our local businesses need the customers and the county needs the tax revenue.

It's up to you as our County officials to do something. Please, allow us to operate at full Phase 2, and give us the opportunity to do what we do best, serve our customers. We are confident we can do it safely and according to the governor's smart plan. 

We hope to cheers with you soon.