BCBC. STOP the Closure of John st Public Toilets!.

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We the undersigned strongly oppose the closure of John st toilets in Porthcawl.
Porthcawl residents, businesses & visitors contribute millions on a yearly basis via council taxes, rates, car parking & other fees. Yet very little is put back into the town by the borough council. 

The footfall in our town is already dwindling & this will be another nail in the coffin from BCBC to Porthcawl. We are a wonderful growing seaside town with many young people, families, infirm & elderly residents. Also a large influx of tourists in the summer & when our many events are held in the town. To close the only public toilets in the town centre is complete madness.

We understand that in this time of pointless austerity, cuts have to be made. Closing the public toilets in our main street should NOT be one of them.

BCBC, you have statutory duty to publish a local toilets strategy pursuant to the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017. You have not done so, why?.

We ask, No, demand! that you reverse this idiotic decision immediately, & put in place a strategy to save John st public conveniences.




The People of Porthcawl