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Stop serving meat and dairy at BC SPCA fundraising events!

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The BC SPCA needs to stop selling animal products (e.g. meat and dairy) at all future fundraisers and change their organization's stance on serving animal products. 

NO more prewritten responses. NO more excuses. It's time for the BC SPCA to stop speciesism and supporting the dairy and meat industries. 

This is the BC SPCA's public response to their organization's stance on serving animal products: 

"The BC SPCA is an animal welfare organization, rather than an animal rights organization, so the policies of the organization will reflect a slightly different point of view than other organizations working to benefit animals. Many of our staff, volunteers and supporters do choose to be vegetarian or vegan, but as an animal welfare organization we acknowledge that people in our world do eat animals for food."

This is the "Mission" of their organization:

"To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia."

If the BC SPCA is an advocate for animal "welfare" (defined as the health, happiness, and fortune of a group) and want to "protect and enhance the quality of life" of farm animals, why are they supporting industries that ROUTINELY:

- overcrowd, 

- over medicate, 

- separate mothers from their young (,

- castrate, dehorn and brand (, and then kill?

Yes, "people in our world do eat animals for food" but if any of these atrocities were reportedly happening to dogs and cats, the BC SPCA would denounce it. Why are they treating farm animals differently? 

Any animal lover knows that like dogs and cats, cows, pigs, chickens and other "farm" animals feel pain and fear, have complex social lives, mourn for their young and suffer when emotionally abused or neglected. The meat, dairy and egg industries exist and are abusive but the BC SPCA can CHOOSE not to support them and wholly live up to its Mission Statement. This needs to stop. Let it start with the BC SPCA. 

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