British Columbia Government Sec​.​177 corruption. BC school system corruption.

British Columbia Government Sec​.​177 corruption. BC school system corruption.

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Clifford Roy started this petition to British Columbia Government (BC Government (Ministry of Education & Ministry of Justice))


Secretive & abusive legislative law put in place by British Columbia politicians (MLAs) for untrained school principals & superintendents to use on children & caregivers has been harming countless families since 2012. This powerful law tucked into the BC School Act called Section 177 has been (mis)used to ban (alienate) a parent from their own child as leverage to intimidate a parent or child from contacting the news media & TRB. The massively corrupt BC government cares more about their own image than protecting children & Sec.177 law is another instrument to use on children, care-givers & whistle-blowers to help insulate their cronies working in the public school system. Most of the why, when, where & who used Sec.177 on children & care-givers is kept a secret by powerful school district superintendents & BC government lawyers when FOI transparency requests are made. Section 177 lends itself as a tool to bury child abuse. Some political watch-dogs have expressed concern that BC Sec.177 legislative law is a test law by some of the most corrupt & sneaky politicians in North America & was an experiment to see if they could side-step due process, the police & Canadian Constitution without anyone pushing back. Political scholars have said that democracy has peaked as authoritarianism & corruption eats British Columbia's democracy like a cancer. 

(this video evidence / interview with BCPVPA was attacked mid Jan 2019 but is up again 

Here are two websites dedicated to expose Sec.177 evidence of abuse going back to 2012. Check websites for continuous posted evidence updates starting from the bottom of list. The BC school system quickly rescinded all Sec.177s handed out to parents that exposed the school districts in the news media. This includes the Frank family, Mr Roy & a family in New Westminster. All school superintendents & principals involved in these shocking cases of Sec.177 intimidation/misuse were quickly shuffled out of their respective schools & insulated by the corrupt Teacher Regulation Branch run by the BC Ministry of Education. 1) 2)

The one single commonality of the many parents who were handed or threatened with a Sec.177, is that the parent had reported indiscretions of a teacher, principal or superintendent. In other words, there is powerful evidence that shows Sec.177 is being intentionally misused by BC governance to attack parents instead of investigating.

Although this petition was first started in 2013 to expose Sec.177 being used to silence & intimidate parents & children from reporting school administrators, it has now expanded & includes conversation of the last 100 years of BC Government sponsored child & parent abuse cover-ups. Although most of the many letters, audio recordings & FOI document evidence here is gathered under the umbrella of Sec.177, it shows a pattern of abuse, cover-ups, codes of silence, tactics & such going back decades in British Columbia.

Here are more links to BC parents adversely affected by misuse of Sec.177. BCCPAC has said there are many cases throughout BC, but BCCPAC cannot release this information. Our BC governance works under a cloak of secrecy disguised as a person's private information. In late 2016 a FOI request disclosed that approximately 100 people in BC have been handed Section 177 !

POWERFUL & Shocking AUDIO EVIDENCE from 1)SEP 2017 of a top BC Ministry of Education Bureaucrat

2) Another shocking conversation with the VSB Superintendent talked about in above audio

Letter to BC Ministry of Education (Hon. Rob Fleming & Hon. John Horgan NDP) sent Oct of 2017. page 1

page 2

It is vital to know & put in context that there were 38,000 instances of child abuse which included rape & murder by Canadian Government sponsored Indian Residential Schools of which not one person went to jail for those horrors. (there were good teachers & admins that rose the alarm bells for decades but were aggressively muffled)

Audio of conversation with Coquitlam school district regarding Section 177

A website dedicated to investigating & storing evidence of Sec.177 corruption

It is also vital to know that in 2012 the BC College of Teachers was re-branded by the BC Government to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch. The final straw was a board members laptop was found to contain child porn. A commission in 2011 deemed the Teachers College to be "dysfunctional". Some might use much stronger words to describe a board that is tasked with keeping teachers, principals & superintendents from harming children, but instead insulate themselves. The newly re-branded TRB just found new ways of keeping information from the public by not investigating complaints & demanding parents don't tell anyone of their whitewashes by stamping "confidential" on paperwork. When a school administrator such as a teacher, principal or superintendent is not investigated by the TRB (whitewashed non- investigation) nothing will show up in any pubic record regarding that school administrator having been accused of the questionable conduct. With no information on their website or availability through a FOI regarding the complaint & subsequent TRB whitewash, the complaint is forever buried by the BC Government's Teacher Regulation Branch.......

This is a smoking gun phone call (evidence) from a Vancouver School Board Superintendent to Mr Roy exposing an example of Sec.177 misuse & abuse. Mr Roy is bluntly told in this recorded conversation that he was handed a Sec.177 ban for contacting the news media & TRB.(Released May 19th, 2016 to Youtube). Premier Christy Clark & her MLAs at the Ministry of Education (Bernier, Fassbender) & Ministry of Justice (Anton) have copies of this audio (the full audio, as this is the highlights), but willfully choose to insulate their Superintendent friend's (Ms. Ciarnellio) v questionable conduct from investigation & accountability.

TRB whitewash letter p1

TRB whitewash letter p2

One of a few letters to Premier Christy Clark & her willfully blind MLAs.

Link to media coverage which exposed the Vancouver School Board's Sec. 177 Order on Mr Roy that "encouraged" the immediate retraction of the unwarranted ban from "all VSB property in BC" ( & his own children while on all VSB publicly owned taxpayer property!)

BCCPAC speaks up for Mr Roy. 

The BC PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL made an official complaint to the BC Ombudsmen expressing grave concerns with Sec.177.

Someone besides BCCPAC (most likely a VSB trustee) spoke up for Mr Roy of which the VSB spent taxpayer money using lawyers to coverup the person's name in a email (attached) during Mr Roy's FOI request. The Christy Clark Liberals have a questionable relationship with Superintendent Steve Cardwell & Superintendent Maureen Ciarinello, most likely working in tandem to stomp teachers, parents & students. Eventually the Christy Clark Liberals fired every single VSB trustee but refused Mr Roy's request for inquiry & written complaints regarding the school principal & the two VSB Superintendents (Cardwell & Ciarinello) who insulated the principal.

The powerful force behind Section 177 is the use of parental alienation to cause emotional harm to citizens (parents & caregivers) by cutting off access to a parent's own children. What is PAS ? : " Parental alienation must be addressed as a crime as it is in Mexico & Brazil. Many of the most heinous tyrants over mankind's history used the tactic of cutting off access to loved ones as a tool for power, extortion, retribution, financial & or political gain. The most fundamental reason for life is to have children and share in all the unequivocal joys that never can be duplicated by anything else in our world. To be intentionally denied by another human being or governance the gift of sharing in our own child's life is a crime only surpassed by murder." The banning or alienating a parent from their own child is abuse..... Canadian Residential Schools of the 20th century is a Canadian government example of parental alienation being deployed as a slow & painful torture tactic tactic upon the family structure, engineered to commit (cultural) genocide to the First Nations Persons.

So what is going on with the BC Government & it's Ministry of Education(Teacher Regulation Branch) as to why investigations of abuse are being ignored & whitewashed. The answer is two fold in that the Gov is masterfully corrupt & has the power to pick & chose who gets investigated based on cronyism & backroom politics. The second reason is optics. Cases that have potential to expose something v serious need to be oppressed to make the school system look rosy & benign. The government of BC was able to suppress murder, rape & all kinds of other horrible acts committed to children in Gov sponsored Indian Residential & institutional schools for a century. There were 36,000 documented cases of child abuse that came forward, of which the BC Government were able to suppress & deflect responsibility away from all but a very very small handful of school administrators. Less than ten of these school administrators ever went to trial for the 36,000 claims of abuse !.....Of which the BC Government only has become craftier with their bureaucratic ability to dodge accountability & "relieve" cronies from the spotlight, investigations & accountability.

Someone close to Mr Roy's story has attempted to maliciously water down the seriousness, in that police were falsely told this was just a "family matter". The school principal, Cardwell & Ciarinello is not related to Mr Roy. The question must be answered as to why the principal made a informed choice to further continue the intimidation and then assault Mr Roy after important facts came to light ("officially"). This principal was not the victim of being part of the malicious ploy, but could have only been a willing and active participant in trying to permanently alienate Mr Roy from his children forever with his crafted letter on school letterhead. The school principal used his position of authority to knowingly try and remove Mr Roy out of the picture forever. The principal was abruptly shuffled to another school but is still working as a elementary school principal in the Vancouver district ! Now ask yourself if you feel confident having this principal who completely sidestepped an investigation as to his personal motive & his multi-faceted actions, now working alone with your children.

This principal was most likely insulated (& will continue to be aggressively insulated from investigation by Premier Clark & VSB management) because of his ties to powerful folks in BC. The principal is an ex basketball star with recent (2008) publicity connections to a BC Hall of fame star & a major telecommunications company sponsored event, had vocal partisan ties & is (or was) involved in a sports program in Mexico in which he participated with Mexican children.

Parents have reached out to Mr Roy with their own stories of threats of use & or the misuse of Sec.177 upon them. The governance of BC has boldly used / threatened use of Sec. 177 on families of all social classes & from grandmothers raising children to highly educated professional families. The Frank family who also chose to go public, sent Mr Roy this 2 page letter expressing their life changing experience with Sec.177 .

The actions of the principal & Sec177 ban on Mr Roy left a massive wake of damage in Mr Roy's life. Mr Roy was left both emotionally & financially destitute to the point of being homeless for a period of time. The actions of the principal have gone before the courts of which Mr Roy was vindicated, but at great emotional & financial loss. The two VSB Superintendents & the Premier Clark Gov. (which is a top down regime) refuse to compensate Mr Roy & are willfully attempting to thwart any investigation. The VSB has spent copious amounts of taxpayer money on top lawyers to snuff out Mr Roy's attempts at civil resolution & his court case filed in New West Supreme Court. (Due to the filed court case, the name & details of the principal is not released on this petition at this time). The names of the two VSB Superintendents were released due to just how brazen & stark their conduct is in attached emails & the attached audio.

Parents that are handed a Sec177 are met with nonfactual pointed innuendo & nasty attacks for raising awareness. Here is an example.

BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark's office is aware of this petition via emails & powerful documents sent to her. After not hearing back from Premier Clark, an FOI search of her office was done. It took over 30 days, because her secretary said they found everything but were awaiting Bobby Plecas to come back from holidays to pick through the information to be sent. Finally the FOI request came back from Clark's office. She just sent most of Mr Roy's emails back & nothing else whatsoever. One FOI document that did not come back in the search is known as the "JS" transcript. The BC Liberals have been in the news many times for allegedly not complying with FOI legislation. Liberal MLA Doug Bing was advocating for Mr Roy until he got a demand from upper government (according to his secretary) to stop. It could be because the school principal in question has powerful ties to upper BC government according to a Internet search. BC Liberals do not allow their MLAs to be free thinkers & doers. The BC Liberals strictly control their MLAs from advocating for citizens or families if it will not politically benefit them. If you see Premier Clark or MLA Bing, can you please ask them why they are not responding to this petition & evidence.  

 Parents should never be alienated from their own children for speaking out about abusive principals or government administrators. Damage through the use of parental alienation has been well documented & extensively published in medical journals since the 1980s. Some countries have even made the act of parental alienation a criminal offense. Laws such as Sec.177 should only be used for what they were intended & not as a oppressive tool to silence parents. In Mr Roy's case an ambiguous reason was used on the wording of the Order, but the VSB made it clear in conversation the Sec.177 was intended to discourage Mr Roy from contacting news media regarding his formal written complaint about a elementary school principal. FOI documents also suggest the Vancouver School Board alienated Mr Roy from his children for reaching out to news media outlets & alerting media of the school principal's conduct. . During a telephone conversation in approx. June 2014 with Maureen Ciarniello who was an Associate Superintendent @ VSB, it was confirmed that Mr Roy had not been on school grounds or a safety issue in any way. Ms Ciarniello did confirm in that her Sec.177 Order was for Mr Roy reaching out to the news media. ( this telling conversation was caught on audio tape by Mr Roy) The emotional & devastating financial fallout of the school principal's actions are massive. (Intimidation for years, assault & a three page letter) The principal's 3 page letter was used in court in an elaborate malicious ploy to try & unfairly alienated Mr Roy from the love of his own children beyond VSB property. Fortunately, the ploy fell short due to Mr Roy's evidence. The principal's 3 page letter was the "only" piece of evidence used (or that existed) to falsely paint Mr Roy. Police records & an audio of the principal are in stark contrast to the principal's claims he made on his school letterhead ! ...... The Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of BC has confirmed that the VSB has chosen to ignore the evidence in that in over 500 pages of documents there is only talk of relieving the principal, but never a request to listen to audio evidence of the principal.   

Remember it was not until the Georgia Straight Newspaper shone a light on the Vancouver School Board that they quickly retracted their Sec.177 order alienating Mr Roy from the love of his own children. Within hours of the VSB becoming aware the GS had published Mr Roy's story of being handed a Sec.177, the VSB phoned Mr Roy and asked for a meeting to remove their Sec.177. How long would Mr Roy have been alienated from his children & "banned from all VSB properties" in BC if it were not for publicly exposing the VSB ?...... Please make sure you read the passionate comments at the end of the news article in the Georgia Strait. Please sign this petition, as complacency will only encourage more laws in BC without appeals process, transparency or end dates & further questionable use of them by school boards / principals. For meaningful dialogue on this subject, call @ Cliff 778-828-1669 

Since this petition started, the VSB has removed most all their email contacts within the Office of the Superintendent off their website. Email is the only surefire way of proving a communication when doing a FOI search as per the Act. Questions can be put forth to the VSB #39 Superintendent via a found email list link below.

This is not the first time a Vancouver parent was infamously alienated from their own child by the Vancouver school system. A book was even written about the dark & tragic parental alienation case in which the Vancouver school system played a role in, back in the mid 1990s. "A Kidnapped Mind" by Pam Richardson should be compulsory reading for any school system employee in Canada. It is one of the greatest reads on the psychological damage of malicious child / parent separation. The VSB had also been made fully aware that Mr Roy had great concern with parental alienation prior to them maliciously banning him from his children with their Sec.177.

The Vancouver school system should have been taken to court for their part in Ms Richard's tragic situation of parental alienation. When the Vancouver School system in the mid 1990s knowingly installed the wedge between Ms Richardson & her child, they committed a serious tort (civil crime) in my view. No matter if they committed an intentional or negligent act, they do hold a portion of responsibility for their part. Without appeasement, justice, deterrence & compensation, the Vancouver school system was not forced to reflect on their actions. I wish the statute of limitations was more than two years, as a great injustice was further done when they did not have to be accountable for driving in the wedge. As an example of the non reflection of their act of parental alienation, the VSB recently banned Mr Roy from his children in 2013 & only reversed their ban once Mr Roy went public & was published in the newspaper. 

Gregor Robertson who is the Mayor of Vancouver who has strong political ties to the VSB ( Patti Bacchus who was the chair of Vancouver school trustees at the time of Mr Roy's misused Sec.177 & parental alienation ) knows what parental alienation is to a degree. Gregor Robertson signed a proclamation to bring awareness to parental alienation some years ago in link below.

Here are more links to BC parents adversely affected by misuse of Sec.177. As I understand from talking to BCCPAC, there are many cases throughout BC, but BCCPAC cannot release this information. Our BC governance works under a cloak of secrecy disguised as a person's private information. In late 2016 a FOI request has disclosed that approximately 100 people in BC have been handed Section 177 !

Mr Roy put in a administrative complaint to the Vancouver Police Standards Section about the Vancouver police not doing their due diligence & checking if the Sec.177 they delivered for the Vancouver School Board on Mr Roy was appropriate, misuse of police resources (8 police man hrs was used to deliver the civil paperwork to Maple Ridge & then to Burnaby by two Vancouver officers which agreed that them delivering "civil" paperwork was odd) & intimidation (non intentional by the two nice officers used as pawns by the VSB). The Vancouver Police were used to intimidate & as delivery boys on behalf of the (Vision dominated) VSB by delivering Sec.177 "civil paperwork". (which was only rescinded days later after Mr Roy's story went public in the news !) As police reports & this file attached shows, Sec.177 is for people "causing a disturbance on school property" as per the law. (based on the Trespass Act) As police evidence shows, Mr Roy was "not" on school property to warrant the "legal" issue of Sec.177. It seems that Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson who chairs the Police board was given misleading information to downplay the complaint as just a "a civil family matter with his ex-wife". Is the Mayor of Vancouver saying this should be pushed under the carpet because of Mr Roy's marital status ? This apparently was the "only" evidence used by the police board chaired by Vision's Mayor Gregor Robertson. The physical assault & massively damaging letter by a Vancouver principal, eight hrs of wasted police resources, the wording of the School Act & fact Mr Roy was "not" even on school property was apparently not used by the Vision chaired police board. Both the Vancouver School Board & the police board are both dominated by Vision Vancouver political party members. This does not seem very democratic or fair. The Vision run police board tried to minimize Mr Roy's complaint by "broadcasting" this was a "family matter" & then posting "on-line" ! Shame p685 6.) Bahedia Santa !


a) a tribunal or court of which decides a verdict without due diligence through evidence based facts is a kangaroo court. b) tribunal or court that decides a verdict based on "marital status", instead of evidence is a human rights violator.

Steve Cardwell was the acting Superintendent for the VSB at the time of my written complaint submitted about the principal & the Sec.177 intimidation order on me. Cardwell is now at  UBC. Scott Robinson who was an Associate Superintendent at the time, has now been internally shuffled into Cardwell's job which raised a few eyebrows. ( In Oct 2016, Scott Robinson handed the baton back to Steve Cardwell after taking sick leave. (seems an outsider never gets in at the top level of VSB) Ciarniello is the person who's name is on my Sec.177 & who phoned me. Other VSB personal at the time include Lynda Bonvillian, Barbara Anderson, Mark Pearmain, Kurt Heinrich (media relations gone prior to yr ending in 2015) The school principal now shuffled to a brand new Van school at end of 2014. ( he has already received negative feedback regarding his behavior on "rate your teacher" at his new school. School trustees who I asked for advocacy help who sat & still sit on their hands include Patti Bacchus(Vision), Allan Wong(Vision), Mike Lombardi (Vision) & Janet Fraser (Green) & Fraser Ballantyne(NPA). Julie Pearce who issued the the Frank family one of the first infamous Sec.177 Orders that made the news is now a VSB Ass. Superintendent ! Freedom Of Information request revealed that at least one person spoke up for me & forwarded their concern to Steve Cardwell via email. The VSB blanked out that persons name & are refusing to provide it.

Result letter of a FOI  request from the VSB.

It has been communicated by a past BCCPAC member that VSB employees who get themselves into trouble often get promoted.

In June 2015 Mr Roy informed the VSB that he would like to serve them legal documents regarding notice of civil claim filed. The VSB refused service of documents by email, but a spokesperson emailed this response to Mr Roy prior to accepting the notice of civil claim " If you persist in pursuing this preceding, once you have named and properly served my client, I will apply to have it dismissed & seek costs against you personally". Yes, this was before the VSB knew what was contained in Mr Roy civil claim ! Harris & Co then called Mr Roy, which is the largest law firm in Canada claiming to be representing the VSB on this matter & but also refused service. Frustrated by these refusals, Mr Roy had to get the documents hand served to VSB corporate offices on Broadway Street in Vancouver at a large out of pocket expense.

May of 2015, Mr Roy filed notice of civil claim against the Vancouver School Board in New Westminster Supreme Court ( Court file # 171276) Due to powerful & concerning new evidence, Mr Roy expanded action against the VSB through amending his civil claim as of November 9, 2015.

Although the Vancouver School Board has the largest law firm in Canada & taxpayer funds at their disposal, Mr Roy strongly believes this case is important in many ways. Evidence includes powerful recorded phone conversations & over 500 pages of FOI emails. A Pro Bono lawyer explained to Mr Roy that it is near impossible for a non lawyer go up against such a legal force as the VSB legal defense team (paid with your tax dollar). All other so called free legal services in BC which includes BC Legal Aid (ref bk sony 160), do not take on civil claims in BC Supreme Court & thus Mr Roy has zero representation other than taking on the arduous task of first teaching himself law & then representing himself.

The BC Liberals have choked off all funding to civil BC Legal Aid which is a human rights injustice / Charter violation & must cost them the election in 2017 if democracy is to survive. The combination of the BC Liberals ramming through laws such as Sec.177 (which bypass the courts) while unilaterally cutting off access to the justice system for the taxpayer, will hopefully be a wake up call for British Columbia. There is no free legal or reasonably priced service in BC to represent Mr Roy in BC Supreme Court where this case currently sits awaiting legal counsel. If you would like to help Mr Roy with his legal case or review the case, please call him at 778-828-1669.

Here are a few remarkable FOI documents Mr Roy has obtained that he believes reinforces his civil claim.

VSB has show through their actions that FOI legislation is but a joke in British Columbia in it's current state.The VSB sent out mass emails to countless folks across the educational community in late 2013, telling them to ignore Mr Roy's advocacy requests. When Mr Roy requested a list of who received the disturbing email using FOI legislation, the VSB claimed they don't know. The VSB has shown complete disrespect for democracy & what can only be described as a bold faced untruth. Below is the email in question and below that is the VSB response.

A good read on the subject of teachers acting as the bullies in our school system.

Only the great Tommy Douglas could so elegantly describe why the governance of BC have yet to amend BC School Sec.177 or investigate their elementary school principal friend.

Based on the historian Tacitus who famously quoted "the more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws", thus British Columbia is at the pinnacle of it's history. 

A few good reads that will help you understand growing social oppression, willful blindness & governmental misfeasance of public trust within the current political status quo 1) "The Big Shift" by J Ibbitson  2) "Brand Command" by Alex Marland 3) "Animal Farm" & "Nineteen Eighty Four" by George Orwell (although the third selection is fiction, Orwell was a police officer & undisputed visionary of corruption & oppression within governance).4) Canadian Tort Law by Linden, Klar & Feldthusen 5 ) "The Case Against Lawyers: How Politicians and Bureaucrats have Turned the Law into an Instrument of Tyranny" by Catherine Crier. 6 ) "Irresponsible Government" by Brent Rathgeber. Most of these books describe Federal politics, but the province of BC most certainly shares similar traits. An example is MPs & MLAs being "only" loyal to their top down political parties & having no power to make needed change for their constituents. MPs & MLAs have lost all power to represent change for the people that voted them in. New direction is needed to save democracy in BC.


1 ) BC Liberal MLAs are well spoken cheerleaders & puppets for their top down run party & do little to no advocacy for their constituents. MLAs are minions & actors hired by the party to sell contrived canned press releases. MLA Bing was advocating until he got the "call" to stop.

2 ) BC Liberals have a strong relationship with VSB Superintendents providing endless money for lawyers while starving out teachers & ignoring parents & children. 

3 ) BC Government is letting abuse slip through for political reasons & is putting the public & children at risk by not investigating serious allegations. Letting abuse go without investigation & or blocking public access to the civil court system is nothing new to BC, but the BC governance & elite now use farce organizations such as the TRB (Formally the College of Teachers up to 2012) & Ombudsmen. Some adamantly claim a darker & more sinister side to the government elite coverups of abuse.

4 ) BC government run institutions such as the Teacher Regulation Branch, Human Rights Tribunal, BC Ombudsmen are run by the upper elite governance & designed to insulate themselves only. These corrupt government organizations have given themselves complete immunity from prosecution from the courts by well written crafty legislation. As the political elite of BC put up these tripping hazards that slow down & use up the energy of serious allegations brought to light, the government (BC Liberals currently) unilaterally have cut off access to our real justice system which is the BC Provincial & BC Supreme courts. The BC Liberals cutting off access to our justice system for the average taxpayer is likely the most serious attack upon democracy & the Canadian Charter since Canada became a country.

5 ) MLAs & politician's willfully looking the other way during blatant scandal or governance misdeeds leaps over political lines as the need to huddle & protect each other is stronger than standing up for the taxpayer. A non partisan disciplinarian is needed to oversee politicians & political parties before democracy completely evaporates. 

 Mr Roy requests that we ask tough questions of our governance, but remember to never lose sight of love, compassion & understanding for everyone involved. Mr Roy is non partisan. Mr Roy is a strong proponent of true & transparent democracy, public education & personally believes that a well educated society & access to the justice system as per the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms is vital to a strong social & economic Canada. Thank You.


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