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I Challenge BC Salmon Farmers to Debate Their Disease Problem

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I think that farm salmon in BC have a serious disease problem that has put wild salmon at risk. The salmon farmers disagree and call my science "false," So I am challenging this industry to a public debate on the impact of piscine reovirus from farm salmon on Pacific salmon to settle this question before the virus spreads any further.

Something is killing large numbers of BC wild salmon.  Whales are starving, communities suffering, First Nations are going without their most important food resource.  As a result of 30 years of research, I think farm salmon disease is taking an unsustainable toll on wild salmon populations.  When we turn off the pathogen leakage from salmon farms, the evidence suggests wild salmon will rebound to everyone's benefit.

This is why, as a scientist, I am challenging the salmon farmers to this debate. They say they don't have a problem, I think they have a big problem. It is time to get it out in the open where people can make up their own minds.



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