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Release the dog "Diesel" to the custody of his owner

Diesel, a German Shepard cross belonging to Mr. David Smith of Peachland BC, was apprehended seventeen months ago on the strength of a petition with only a handful of signatures. A petition that does not represent even a significant part of the of the neighbourhood much less a majority of it. In fact, a petition that only represents a small group `s efforts to attack a neighbour by attacking his dog.

The Animal Control authorities of the Regional District did not conduct an investigation into the allegations made in the petition and Diesel has been in a cage deemed by the S.P.C.A. to be inadequate for long term occupation for nearly one and one half years awaiting a ruling on his euthanization.

The problem is not Diesel. The problem is a few neighbours hostile to Mr. Smith and a Regional District that either has no procedures and protocols in place to investigate allegations or chooses not to trouble themselves with their implementation. In either case Diesel and his family are
the victims here, the blame and the shame belong somewhere else.

Please, help return Diesel to his family.


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  • BC Provincial Court, Kelowna

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