Support Indigenous Right to Participate in the Canadian Cannabis Economy

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After months of effort to engage with the BC government and secure a license to legally distribute cannabis, BC’s All Nations Chiefs remain on the fringes of an industry they claim the right to participate in.

We are asking Honourable Premier Horgan to take real action towards reconciliation and honour his government’s platform commitment to the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights (UNDRIP) by allowing First Nations to participate in BC’s cannabis industry.

Only 4% of Canadian cannabis licenses are indigenous affiliated. Another pathway out of poverty blocked for Indigenous communities across Canada.

It’s time for Premier Horgan to show how the BC government can fulfill its commitments to reconciliation by enabling economic self-determination for Indigenous communities.

Since filing its application for a Section 119 agreement under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Agreement Act in July, the community has been met by silence from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General or the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat, despite repeated attempts to initiate meaningful dialogue.

We invite Government and Cannabis industry leaders to support a diverse and inclusive Cannabis industry by endorsing and approving the Assembly of Chiefs cannabis license.

In this time of dispute, we must move beyond nicely worded commitments.
If you support indigenous reconciliation and want to learn more about how the new BC Government can recover the path to reconciliation and support a diverse and inclusive cannabis industry, sign our petition.

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