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Stop the logging of BC's Old Growth Forest

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British Columbia is world renowned for its scenery, beauty, and magnificent old growth rainforests which happens to be home for trees that are hundreds of years old.

Recently, the BC Government let a logging company known as Teal Jones set up cut blocks in the Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island. The cut blocks are set in one of the last decent stands of old growth forest in British Columbia. BC's landmass is 65% forest, and the old growth doesn't take up much of that percentage. Temperate rainforests alone only cover 0.1% of the planets surface, and BC has a quarter of the unlogged temperate rainforest.

It's baffling as to why they are logging the old growth as their are many of other areas nearby that aren't old growth rainforest, where they could have set up logging operations instead. We don't have much old growth left, and as a proud British Columbian, I'm not willing to lose one of our greatest natural wonders.

What needs to be done:

  • Implement legislation that protects all the Old Growth Forest in British Columbia
  • Promote sustainable forestry management

This petition has gained momentum, and everyone who cares about the environment, not just British Columbians, are invited to join in and change how we manage our share of a global resource.

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