Close the last Confucius Institutes in BC - Stop Communist Party's propaganda in Canada

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According to Wikipedia, high ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and even Confucius Institutes (CI) admit – they are part of the Chinese government’s overseas propaganda machine.  

In Canada, McMaster University, Université de Sherbrooke, Toronto District School Board, the New Brunswick Provincial Government have all cut ties with CI. Locally, BCIT has also removed its Confucius Institute. 

Sweden closed its last remaining Confucius Institute in April 2020. Coquitlam is now the only city that still has a Confucius Institute operating in BC. 

Around the world, there is common consensus on banning Confucius Institutes, especially after the following was revealed (for details please see references below):

  • CI is a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Government 
  • CI promotes communist propaganda in textbooks and cultural events 
  • Evidence that CI discriminates against teachers in their hiring practices 
  • CI plays the role of a spy agency for the Chinese Communist Party

Confucius Institutes advocate blind trust in the CCP. Shockingly, they disseminate these ideologies to children, teens, and young adults around the world, fulfilling the goals of CI’s founders and executives, as they state in the following:

“Confucius Institutes are an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up”

                      — Li Changchun, former head of Central Propaganda Department of CCP

“Confucius Institutes, as many people are asking, are an important part of (China’s) soft power. Because we want to expand our (Chinese communist party’s) influences, we do not deny (this statement). We agree.”

                      — Xu, Lin, Director-General of Hanban and Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters, 2010

It's well known that CCP treats any critical thinking as a challenge to the legitimacy of its power and implements whatever means necessary to suppress them.

The CCP spreads hatred by inoculating Chinese people with its propaganda. They brainwash us to believe that anyone who challenges the CCP is criticizing China and the Chinese peoples. Such propaganda has resulted in significant tensions between Chinese who are brainwashed by the CCP, and the rest of the world, including Chinese people who do not stand with the CCP. In the current pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party continues to spread lies overseas about the true situation of the virus which has caused the COVID-19 virus spread into 188 countries and the death of 303,029 as of today, in addition to the tremendous losses for the world’s economy

The CCP is using Canadian’s education system as a means of spreading its propaganda which runs counter to the universal values that human beings in the world should follow.  It has been brainwashing us to believe that CIs are for our own benefits, but in fact, we are the real victims. All the while they continue to cover-up the real agenda of Confucius Institutes. It is not only a violation of our rights for transparency but a real security threat to the safety of our multicultural communities. 

We hereby demand that the Confucius Institute in Coquitlam permanently be closed, following the example of many places around the world. 

Please stand together with the world to stop the Chinese Communist Party from pushing their propaganda and brainwashing young Canadians – on our own soil.  We must protect our democracy and freedom of thought, belief, and conscience for the next generation, and for the future of Canada. 

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The following is the same petition in Chinese.


—— 制止中共對加拿大人的洗腦宣傳

由NO CCP及部分居住在高貴林與大溫哥華地區的人士發起,致卑詩省教育廳(高級教育、技能與培訓廳)廳長的請願書

根據維基百科,以及中共高層官員和孔子學院(Confucius Institutes,CI)本身的聲明所公開承認,孔子學院是中共政府在海外宣傳機器的一部分。




o 孔子學院是中共政府的宣傳工具

o 孔子學院在教科書及文化活動中宣揚中共

o 有證據顯示:孔子學院在聘用教師的過程中有歧視行為

o 孔子學院充當中共的間諜機構

孔子學院鼓吹對中共的盲目信任。 令人震驚的是,他們將這些意識形態強加傳播給世界各地的兒童、青少年和本是熱衷中國文化的人,以實現孔子學院創始人兼以及管轄孔子學院的中共高級官員的目標,如下所述:

“孔子學院是中國海外宣傳工作的重要組成部分 ”—原中共中央宣傳部部長李長春

 “孔子學院是(中國)軟實力的重要組成部分,正如很多人所質疑的。 因為我們想擴大我們(中國共產黨)的影響力,所以我們不否認(這種說辭)。我們認同。”

—許琳,國家漢辦主任兼孔子學院總部總幹事, 2010年