BC Liquor: Hazard Pay, No Reduction of Employee Hours, & Conversion for Front-Line Workers

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Please SHARE WIDELY & Sign. Those of us working for the BCLDB can't for fear of being fired if we did.

We are calling on our union the BCGEU to step up and represent us. Unlike our employer, you should be advocating our position and protecting our rights under the contract and in particular article 31.1(b). With respect, you are failing. We call on the BCGEU to stand up and fight to get us the job security and full implementation of our contract that we deserve. Please stand with us your brothers and sisters.

Hazard Pay backdating to the start of the COVID 19 crisis:
We should be given hazard pay to reflect our status as Essential Workers. Most if not all other retail establishments, including those not public-facing, have compensated their front line workers with hazard pay. We deserve it. Every day we go to work and make money for the Province of British Columbia and in doing this we are on the front line of contact for this pandemic. We risk our health, safety, lives and those of our loved ones. We face often insecure and dangerous situations. We face violence both verbally and at times physically daily. There have been several incidences of spitting on cashiers. We deserve HAZZARD PAY.

No reduction in hours for our essential workers:
After risking our health and safety for several weeks we are now losing our paychecks. Several members of the BCLDB font line workers are now being told there are no hours for them to work. They will now be home with no paychecks coming for the foreseeable future. This is not acceptable. Risking your life for the Province of BC should not come with the reward of virtual layoffs. We work every day to enrich the economics of the British Columbia Government by billions of dollars a year. At this unprecedented time, we should be allowed to continue to work as we have done for weeks during this pandemic.

Honour our contract language on the conversion of auxiliary employees to regular status:

We the front-line workers at BC Liquor Stores are calling on the BCLDB to give us the job security we are promised in our mutually agreed and signed contract. As front-line workers, we are the only sector covered by this contract that are denied these benefits and protections for 8-9-10 years! All that time we faithfully work full time and performing all the same tasks and responsibilities as regular full time works but we are designated as "auxiliary" and treated as temporary. During this pandemic as we face on daily basis threats to our health safety that we should at least have the job security promised in the contract and letters sent to us by the BCLDB.

On June 3rd the BCLDB posted a letter in all stores that said:
"Auxiliary employees were advised that effective August 1, 2019, those auxiliary employees who meet the conditions for conversion will be converted to regular status."
The BCLDB then sent a letter to every employee's house that stated:
“Notice was served to the Union advising that effective April 1, 2019, the Employer intended to follow the language of the Main Agreement, article 31.1(b) in regard to conversion of auxiliary employees”.
Article 31.1(b) reads:
"Auxiliary employees who have worked 1827 hours in 33 pay periods and who are employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or continuous part-time nature, shall be converted to regular status effective the beginning of the month following the month in which they attain the required hours."

Tell the management of BC Liquor and the Province of BC that this is unfair and unacceptable. Contracts agreed to and signed must be implemented and honoured and that no member covered by that contract should be singled out as not worthy of the protections contained within it.