Tell the BC Government to Protect the Peace River Valley Ecosystem

Tell the BC Government to Protect the Peace River Valley Ecosystem

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Resolution to Immediately Terminate Site C

WHEREAS: There has been no increase in domestic electricity use for the past 15 years, despite increasing economic activity and population growth,

WHEREAS: There are at least 12 alternatives to the electricity that Site C will produce, at lower or similar financial, environmental and social cost, and greater job creation,

WHEREAS: The Union of BC Municipalities passed a resolution requesting that Site C not proceed,

WHEREAS: The Union of BC Indian Chiefs have repeatedly objected to the Site C project and the disregard for Treaty 8 rights,

WHEREAS: The United Nations has called for Canada to respect Indigenous rights with respect to Site C, and Canada has failed to respect and adhere to the UN resolution,

WHEREAS: The cost of the Site C dam was originally estimated to be $3 Billion, which escalated to $6 billion, then $8 billion, then $10.7 Billion, which did not include the cost of transmission lines to transfer the power to load centres in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island, estimated to be from $2 to $3 Billion, and additional costs for oil and gas fracking, processing and liquefaction in and to northwest BC for mining,

WHEREAS: Electricity from a $12 Billion project when fully operational will cost between $12 cents and $15 cents per kilowatt hour, greater than the present upper residential delivered cost, to which must be added the cost of delivery, of approximately 6 cents/kWh.

WHEREAS: California has stated that large reservoir, flooded valley based power will not meet the clean energy requirements of the state and will not purchase the purported “clean” power,

WHEREAS: New wind and solar energy are costing from 5 cents to 8 cents/kWh, or half the cost of Site C power, thus potential export markets prefer wind and solar renewable sources.

WHEREAS: There is no commercial market for Site C electricity, as Market power prices, at Mid-C (mid Columbia power trading centre) are in the range of $ 25 to $35/MWh ( 2.5 cents to 3.5 cents/kWh) which is far below the cost of Site C power,

WHEREAS: The BC Government wishes to promote an LNG export industry, with BC being one of the highest cost sources of LNG, thus most LNG proponents have withdrawn projects formerly proposed, leaving little opportunity for subsidized power to be used for LNG,

WHEREAS: The value of the Peace River ecology and natural capital has been established by a scientific study to be in the range of $9 Million to $10 Million per year for the flooded area,

WHEREAS: The value of electricity on the export market at $30/MWh is approximately $150 million per year,
WHEREAS: The potential value of agriculture in an intensively managed manner is estimated to be in the order of $500 million per year, whether produce and farmland, intensive blueberries, or ice wine from vineyards,

WHEREAS: Canada and British Columbia have declared a climate emergency, stating that CO2 and CO2 equivalent ( methane, black carbon, Nitrogen oxides) must be dramatically reduced, as quickly as possible,

WHEREAS: Site C reservoir will emit massive amounts of methane which is up to 199 times as harmful as CO2, plus CO2 which may result in emissions as polluting as a coal fired source of electricity,

WHEREAS: Food security concerns associated with climate change can be addressed by intensively developing the Peace River valley agricultural potential, to feed one million people,

WHEREAS: Species of edible fish will be extirpated from the reservoir of Site C, severely reducing the ability of Indigenous people to meet necessary dietary protein requirements,

WHEREAS: Migratory routes of ungulates will be interfered and obstructed by a 2 km wide reservoir, effectively destroying the ability of the species to migrate from summer to winter locations,

WHEREAS: Over 100,000 Canadians have signed petitions opposing the construction of Site C dam,

WHEREAS: The cultural and ecological values of the Peace Valley are of UNESCO Heritage merit, but have been prevented from inclusion by direct and intentional inaction by the Province of BC,

WHEREAS: There are serious concerns regarding the foundation structure and integrity, dam soundness and safety, with no independent structural engineering review,

WHEREAS: There is no business case for selling electricity to the US,

WHEREAS: There is no domestic need nor business case for Site C power,

WHEREAS: There is no benefit to the people of British Columbia,

WHEREAS: Only harm is being created and imposed upon the residents of British Columbia,

That signatories to this Resolution demand an immediate termination of the Site C project, to prevent further harm to the environment and people, and waste of additional funds.