Traffic chaos at Kaggadasapura railway crossing

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As many of us living in Kaggadasapura leave for work in the morning, the first bottleneck we find is right outside our lane - Kaggadasapura railway crossing. Public transport, school buses, water tankers, cabs, private vehicles all use this route.

During peak hours this place is a mess and often results in log jams leading to 3-4 hours of delay. Not only do cabbies not realise their mistake of not driving in lanes and blocking the roads I have witnessed even educated lot going and blocking the place.

2 years back there were talks of construction of a flyover / underpass to address this issue. The flyover was constructed but only for DRDO internal transfers.

My request is to open that flyover to private vehicles atleast, to avoid this nuisance every morning and evening which is just adding on to our daily life stress. No wonder people are getting heartattacks at as young as 30years of age and many of them are fatal. This increasing stress is leading to various health issues and leaves no time for personal life.

Hence my petition is to open that flyover during peak hours - 7.30am to 11am and 4.30pm to 8pm. 

Thanks & Regards, Oshna