Saving ONE TREE at a time - TRANSLOCATE & deposit trees

Saving ONE TREE at a time - TRANSLOCATE & deposit trees

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I'm a sixth grader in DPS, Bangalore South. I may be young, but there is no age to do the right thing.

Last year a large green area on Kanakpura main road just near our school was completely cleared off all it's green cover on account of construction activities - there are 3 large apartments coming up in the vicinity & then, there is Metro work.

  • Since our house was diametrically opposite to the now cut mini forest, all of us friends could feel first hand the impact it had on the environment - the temperature has drastically gone up. We've been residing in the apartment for many years now & this is the first year when we have been forced to use air cooler/air conditioner.
  • The amount of dust & air pollution has come up, with many of my friends now suffering from dust allergies & after effects of living on the main road because of air pollution from vehicles.
  • We now have a serious monkey menace in the complex, since they have lost their habitat & the number of birds around our apartment too has gone down .
  • Without the natural noise insulators-trees, even the traffic noise has become a nuisance.

Construction is important  for the development of our country, but the trees instead of being cut, could have easily been trans-located into the surrounding apartments. As a part of a school project - Rooting for Change, we learnt the importance of saving our environment & how each of us can make a difference. We researched & discovered that with advancement in technology, there are now machines available that can trans-locate trees & the cost is much cheaper than that of sowing & nurturing a new tree in terms precious resources like time. As I write on behalf of my friends, I request you to support us in saving what is left of our precious environment:

  1. Trans-locate trees instead of cutting them.
  2. After development is completed, the cut trees should compulsorily be replaced with matured trees within a strict time frame.
  3. We propose starting a TREE BANK, where trans-located trees can be deposited & mature trees can be withdrawn for replanting.

- Students of sixth grade, DPS, Bangalore South