Better Waste Management Bangalore

Better Waste Management Bangalore

3 December 2018
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Started by Nirmit Kukreja

I live in Bangalore, India. India is heavily polluted with waste, the streets are filled with garbage. It’s a big problem. I despise seeing garbage on the streets. I have been to other foreign countries that don't face the same problem that India continues to and have clean streets. I, along with many others want India to be clean. I want India to prosper in that regard. We are one of the fastest growing economies, extremely rich in culture. India has a beautiful history and amazing landmarks. Despite having so much to offer, when spoke about India is heavily criticized for is how dirty the streets are. I believe that most of the garbage that is on the street is because of poor waste collection. This will not only assist in making Indian streets pleasant but will also help with the grave pollution problem faced by India. Bangalore is known to be the Garden City of India, we should lead the country by example in this endeavor. The Government / BBMP needs to take measures and put in place effective waste management initiatives in order towards a cleaner India. Join me in helping make our state and in turn our country clean and eco friendly. 

A copy of a letter that I sent to the BBMP administrator (I need all the support to show that there is support for this cause)

From: Nirmit Kukreja, a citizen in Bangalore

To whom it may concern at the BBMP, 

Bangalore is dirty. Waste is everywhere. It's dumped on the street. MG Road, Whitefield, Indiranagar, Sarjapur, Cox Town, etc. Waste is everywhere. There is trash being dumped on the streets. The Auto Tippers that you've sourced the waste collection to are dumping it on the streets.


"About 80 % of the collection and
transportation activities has been outsourced. Auto tipper / Autos and
pushcarts are used for the primary collection. An Auto tipper has been
provided for every 1000 households and a pushcart for every 200
households. About 20000 pourakarmikas are being utilised (both
BBMP and contractors) in door to door collection, street sweeping and
transportation of MSW."


These "contractors" which you've hired are dumping trash on the streets. 

There are also reports that the wastelands do not process the waste properly. 
We want you to stop outsourcing and develop a proper waste management plan. We want you to promote sustainable methods. I am a 15 year old student studying in an international school, It should not be my job to promote waste management techniques. 


We are the garden city of India, and Global Warming is real, and its approaching us fast. We need to promote sustainable methods. 

We need the BBMP to step up. We need more collection trucks, we need that infrastructure. We have enough money. Instead of having auto tippers and outsourcing that, please do your job and develop a plan.


I hope for a reply,

Nirmit Kukreja

A concerned citizen. 

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Signatures: 1,151Next Goal: 1,500
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