Allow Gyms to remain open in Bangalore!!


Allow Gyms to remain open in Bangalore!!

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Gyms have been asked to shut down in Karnataka from April 3rd to April 20th stating rising Covid 19 cases and second wave. This is an extreme step and unreasonable in the current times.

What is allowed:

  • 500 people are allowed in religious and political gatherings in open space.
  • 500 people at marriages are allowed if it is an open space
  • 200 are allowed if it is in a hall or closed space
  • 100 are allowed at birthday celebrations in open spaces and 50 allowed if it is in a closed space.
  • 100 people allowed at funerals in open space and 50 allowed if it is in a closed space.
  • 100 people in all other congregations are allowed

Reasons why locking down gyms is unreasonable.

  • Gyms are one of the most well maintained and regularly sanitized spaces.
  • Gyms know their each and every member and can control their attendance and accordingly program slot based training easily.
  • A member will never go for a workout if they are feeling unwell.
  • There is no data with any government in the world to prove gyms spread illnesses.
    Gyms improve immunity and help build strong resistance to any infection.
  • Gyms give positivity and much needed relaxation from stress
  • Gyms are crucial for people leading normal healthy and fit lives.
  • Previous lockdown has already dealt a severe blow to the finances of Gym Owners, Gym Building owners, Gym Trainers and Gym Clients pushing them into severe mental and financial hardships
  • Restricting this Right to Health and Fitness will have detrimental effects on an individual's quality of life and will have a cascading effect on the economy through increased illnesses and stress related issues leading to heavy health costs in future.
  • The Solution would be to Restrict clients inflow on an hourly basis, following sanitisation protocol and maintaining social distance and as we are in this pandemic situation for the long run, shutting down gyms is not the solution.
  • Please share and support this petition and Humble request to the Karnataka Government to withdraw the closure order of gyms.

Pls share the above msg to
bbmp whatsapp number 9480685700,
you can also log in complaint on Twitter at @BBMPCOMM and @CMofKarnataka.


This petition made change with 102 supporters!

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