Accelerate Pet Licensing in Bangalore, BBMP

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Accelerate Pet Licensing in Bangalore, BBMP

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Pet dogs ownership , both pedigree and indies are on the rise in Bangalore. Cities like New Delhi, Chennai or Chandigarh have had municipal rules that mandate pet dogs to be registered, while there were no enforced rules governing pet dogs in Bengaluru, but the good news is that the proposed new UDD by-laws will enforce this. But why wait ? A Pet license is the responsible thing to do.

Having pet dogs licensed is important for the owners , especially in the eventuality of lost or stolen pets, and is also good for the city as the census and health of pets is updated. As of now the dog census shows about 200 or so licenses issued in 2009 to dogs in Bangalore , and the BBMP records themselves show only a total of 2100 licenses issued altogether so far ! Something is clearly wrong.

However, as per section 344 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, keeping and feeding animals and birds without the permission of Municipal commissioner or concerned officer is strictly prohibited. Before the rules are stringently made, and given the unwieldy nature of the current registration process with BBMP Vet Inspectors at each ward, its better to create an easy mechanism to mass register dogs at external locations. It can also help in educating them about the benefits of neutering, proper dog tags, stringent rules on leashing and picking up dog poop

Proposed By-Laws by BBMP will make pet licensing more stringent & required
The proposed by-laws by BBMP elaborates on how the process of licensing the pet dogs has to be done. Accordingly, every dog owner in BBMP limits, should obtain a license to keep the dog at home and renew it every year. It also involves implanting a micro-chip in dog’s body at the owner’s cost as and when approved by the Corporation. The pet dog should also wear a badge and collar with license information on it. Veterinary Officer of BBMP is authorized to issue the license.
In Proposed by-laws, Dogs straying around may be captured
The by-law also makes provisions for any person authorized by the BBMP to capture any dog that is found straying around in public places in the absence of its owner. Captured dog will be detained in a dog’s house or other place appointed by the Municipal Commissioner or Chief Officer.
Any dog that is found in public place without a collar and badge will be captured and detained and could also be killed if it is suffering from rabies or showing symptoms of rabies, by the person authorised by BBMP.
The by-law also explains the process of reclaiming the ownership of the dog that has been detained by BBMP workers. Such dog could be redeemed by paying a fee of Rs 1 for dog with license and Rs 2 for dog which has no license.
It will be mandatory for dog owners to make ear notch or an identification mark as required under Animal Birth Control Programme practised by Animal Welfare Organisations, for neutered dogs.
In addition, the by-law explains the ways in which the dogs which are not redeemed by owners could be detained in a dog pound and how the rabies-affected dogs should be destroyed.
Penalty for violation
Whoever fails to obtain license for dogs from the Corporation, will be imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 and in case of continuing breach, with fine which may extend to Rs 300 for every day if they are continuing the breach after the first conviction or with a fine of Rs 200 everyday if they continue to breach the by-law even after receiving notice from the Commissioner.


  • Let Bangalore lead the way in Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Make pet licensing mandatory quickly. Or while its being set up, encourage external, people-friendly licensing. Clearly state the requirements - License fee Rs 110, renewable annually, upto date rabies and 7 in 1 vaccinations records.
  • Confirm that in case owners are also breeders , they apply or have a valid breeders license & detailed health records for the dog. Breeding needs to be discouraged.
  • Have a clear plan with a goal of a 1000 dogs , 5 wards covered per month for example, , and ensure monthly events at all wards where pet registrations are done en masse. Organizations like NGO's Vet Hospitals , groups like Cubbon Park Canines , Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) will be happy to partner with BBMP on this . Animal Welfare Officers, and HAWO's can also assist. Stray dog sterilisations can be done
  • Sharing a list of all BBMP Asst Directors & vet inspectors and their numbers and address, where pet licensing is available is mandatory. The current one is hopelessly out of date.
  • In addition rules of responsible ownership covering health , breeding and vaccines as per the new AW notifications should be shared
  • Insist that all dogs must be tagged with their license, number , name and owners mobile . This pet licensing information & stats must be available online on BBMP sites.
  • Use these registration drives to check breeders and ascertain their valid licenses , as well as check dogs health as per the new animal welfare notifications. This can avoid unhealthy breeding and sick, discarded pups.
  • Share best practices in other cities especially around responsible leashing, penalties for littering , ills of home breeding etc. We can use this to eventually introduce micro-chipping and pet neutering .
  • Have a tie up with a closeby clinic & run free blood tests or simple medical check ups for the pet dogs on that day .

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This petition had 1,490 supporters

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