Stop making Doctor Who a SJW/PC Show

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The Doctor is a well established male character. I feel that if the BBC want more female leads they should create new shows instead of breaking over 50 years of tradition in Doctor Who. People today don't have a lot of male heroes to look up to and the ones we do have have been replaced by women. 

The past 50 years, The Doctor has been male. He has been the role model for many boys and the crush of many girls. Let me ask how was this a good idea? The Boys who wanted to be him won't anymore.

The biggest reason I believe this idea is terrible is because there is literally NO reason to change his gender apart from appeasing 3rd Wave Feminism. In the last few years, we've had 2 different cross gender regenerations, one of which was most hated (Missy/Master) as well as the increase in 3rd wave feminism. It seems they are trying to turn every Timelord female and that's what is pissing most of us off.

If you still don't see the problem, take any character that you view of either as a Role Model of the same-sex or a character crush of yours. Now, imagine they changed their gender for no reason. It's like turning James Bond female to say that "Woman can be secret agents too" or turning Goku female to say "Woman can have super sayan powers to". 

There is no point in making female versions of male characters to appeal to girls. It would be more professional to just make new characters all together. 
What makes this instant with Doctor Who worse is that they are changing the gender of the protagonist. Not making another Female Timelord, just taking one of the only male ones left is turning  to a women . I'm sorry, but that is just wrong. You wouldn't turn Spongebob into a female to get girl viewers or turn Barbie to a man to get Boy fans. This is just unnecessary for the show, marketing and the plot.

The other two gender changes still haven't been explained and that is a problem if you keep doing things to your show with no explanation, you will lose your audience. This isn't any ground-breaking moment in history for women's rights, it's taking something from men and giving it to women.

And I also must point out that no one is sexist for saying this. So saying that you don't want a male character turn female is just saying that this is to big of a change for Doctor Who.
And to all who like this idea, I dare you to give me one good reason for them to have made this decision. Let me disprove some first;

"It should be about time a woman gets the spotlight"
-25/57 of all Doctor Who companions have been Female. I really don't get how they didn't have a spotlight already.

"The Doctor has had enough male lives"
-So does that mean I must change my gender because I've been a man long enough?

"It's Equality for the sexes"
-Changing someones gender to female doesn't make it equal, it is just a publicity stunt. You wouldn't do that to female characters and turn them Male, would you?

"Why Not?"
-Because there is literally no reason to change the protagonists gender.

Also people are saying because we don't like the new doctor is because we are sexist and they be rude to us for just giving our opinion when we are not being rude . I also have learned that they didn't look for a male actor for the role of the 13th doctor and just looked for female and I feel that didn't even give the chance for a male actor to take the role and that is not right.

I must also point out that I watched the Sarah jane adventures when i came home from school and i like a tv show called charmed which has three women as the leads so i do like tv shows with a female lead so it isn't that I don't like women in a lead position the show always had female leads.

Lastly we as fans are worried because the last few series have had low rating and they should got the rating back up before trying anything different  and when this doesn't work we don't want our favourite show to be cancelled. I will still be watching doctor who because i am still a fan of the show but if the show goes on about how men are stupid or women are better than men I will stop watching.

 Edit 1: Now that the series has started the first 5 episodes has been rubbish and feels nothing like doctor who but the funny thing is the change of gender is the least bad thing about the series so far. The only good thing i can say about it is the effects and carma works is beautiful and I hope that is the only thing that stays in the future.