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BBC Trust and Stanhope PLC: Don't destroy Television Centre Studios – they are a national asset.

The BBC and Stanhope PLC are planning to demolish four of the current eight studios at BBC Television Centre. BBC Television Centre Studios are a national asset. They are a unique, up-to-date and efficient facility that represent a vital part of Britain’s media. The brilliance of the original architectural and engineering design means they have retained their relevance to the present day and are widely considered to be amongst the best in the world. We believe the BBC and Stanhope plan to be inadequate, wasteful and irresponsible, and amounts to an act of cultural vandalism. We call on Stanhope PLC and the BBC Trust to change their plans and keep all eight studios as working studios for the benefit of the UK broadcasting industry.
For more details and background go the Save TV Centre Studios website


Letter to
BBC Trust Lord Patten
Stanhope PLC David Camp, Chief Executive
BBC Lord Hall, Director General
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Please reconsider your plans to demolish the studios at Television Centre. They are not only a national asset but a much needed facility for the UK broadcasting industry. It would be an act of cultural vandalism to close such successful studios that have played such a huge part both historically and currently in the television industry. There is not only a cultural argument for keeping them open but also a powerful business case.

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