The terrorist bomb explosions in Sri Lanka and misleading reporting of BBC

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The terrorist bomb explosions in Sri Lanka and misleading reporting

From the time the bombs exploded on the 21st April  the BBC reports were followed by comments which either overtly or covertly attempted to put the blame on Sinhalese Buddhists , the BBC's hobby horse from the days of the killings of the Tamil Tigers over 10 years ago,

The BBC either referred to the majority Sinhalese Buddhists living in the Island  to infer that they are responsible or to military operations against the Tamil Tigers giving the impressions that they were innocent cubs and not the world's most brutal terrorists.

The BBC had been following anti Sinhalese and anti Sinhalese Buddhists line for the last 25 years and the discriminating audience do realize the political motivation which lies behind such mischievous and unethical attempts. But, many of the listeners who does not know much about Sri Lanka tend to build a prejudiced view about the country by listening to the innuendos and covert references.

We, as the British citizens of Sinhalese origin would appeal to the BBC to have a review of the extra-comments used when referring to Sri Lanka and attempt to be more realistic and rational so that the BBC as a public broadcasting institution will be
recognized as an accurate reporter.