BBC: stop giving climate change deniers equal time

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BBC Trustees, Editorial Directors and others:

Your mission is to provide 'accurate, impartial and independent news'. By giving so much time to climate change deniers, such as the discredited geologist Bob Carter when the latest Intergovernmental Panel Report on Climate Change was released, you betray your mission. 

Please, BBC Policy-Makers, show your independence from vested interests.

It is known that many who are supposed 'experts' are funded by corporations to derail the debate (see UN Official Halldor Thorgeirsson's evidence on this).  

The BBC's guidelines are high-minded but, in the last instance, ambiguous and allow a variety of interpretations.  It is increasingly clear that coverage of climate change is primarily shaped by political considerations, not guidelines. We therefore ask that the political issues be clarified.  What Government and industry pressures are being put on the BBC to shape climate change policies?

Given the very often very bland and uncritical nature of climate change coverage, and the inconsistent interpretations of your own policies on this issue, please can you train all journalists so that they better understand the issues and can better critique policies and responses on this issue.

We look forward to your responses.




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