Sack Chris Evans from Top Gear

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Dear BBC,
Chris Evans was a poor choice for Top Gear.

N.B. The full list of grievances may have become a little extensive, so as a top 3:

  1. Top Gear needs to be humorous, entertaining, controversial and challenging. This should have disqualified Evans from the pickings as he is neither humorous nor entertaining.
  2. Evans shouted his way through the whole of the season premier and made himself the draw of attention, amidst awkward audience silences and tension, badly masked by sub-par canned laughter.
  3. He's a tool.

Please, have some cojones BBC and do the right thing, sack him!


- A Disappointed Fan -

P.S. BBC, I would love the dorky, PC-line blurring, dynamic and funny trio back, but you cocked up handling the Clarkson situation, dug your heels in and now Amazon's pockets are apparently deeper, so I guess that isn't happening anytime soon. 

Bring on The Grand Tour... Now, where do I sign up for Amazon Prime?

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