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Night-shift Workers Matter too! Return Alex Lester (aka The Dark Lord) to the Best Time of the Day (2am - 5am, weekday) slot

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Because the night shift workers matter too.

Why should they be subjected to 'repeats' of the daytime shows?

Mr Alex Lester (aka The Dark Lord) has been faithfully presenting the Best Time of the Day slot (2am - 5am) since 1990, proving endless hours of fun, entertainment and banter to keep the nightshift people going. His brand of humour, and his weird and sometimes downright silly observations have kept the night-shift workers entertained and motivated.

The daily Night Flash competition invites truckers, night-shift workers and people from all over the world to send in their submissions, only for the pure pleasure of getting a mention on the show. (Okay, sometimes, we are given an honourable mention, only to have the Mallet of Stupidity and the Drums of Puns meted out to us.) We also strive to share the knowledge we've picked up the day before with the rest of our late night community. To us, the Dark Lord is our patriarch, to lead us and guide the big family of night-shift workers (& international listeners) through the treacherous night, and make the hours seem less lonely and dark.

However, it has been recently announced that his live show (2am - 5am) will be replaced with repeats from the station's' day programmes, and he was to be moved to the Friday-Sunday early morning slot (midnight - 3am). Implying that there will be no live show during the weekdays for the early morning slot, except for Fridays.

This we feel is totally unfair to the night-shift workers, as we will lose a chance to listen and particpate in a live show, instead we will be subjected to the 'repeats' from the day. If we were fans of the repeats, we could have easily accessed it through the iPlayer.

The Dark Lord has been an anchor for the nation, and for listeners around the world. Please don't take the only bit of life and entertainment nightshift workers have during the work week.

We need our Dark Lord to guide us out of the gloom of night shift.

Thank you for signing our petition.

PS: If you can, also lodge a complaint with the BBC Complaints Section, to let them know exactly how unhappy we with this decision!

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