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BBC: Please stop your partnership with biased NTV News in Turkey

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- BBC, NTV ile olan ortaklığını fes etmeli.
- We call on the BBC to cancel its partnership with NTV in Turkey.


The BBC's relationship with NTV has become a joke:

1. NTV has now even censored the BBC's own news programme! It has refused to broadcast the BBC Turkce daily news on 14/6 because it included a report on Gezi Park and press freedom. This comes days after Peter Horrocks, Head of BBC Global News said: "the BBC sought and received assurances from NTV that BBC programming would continue to be broadcast in full and without interference."

2. NTV has shown blatant bias throughout the protests. The BBC's own coverage says NTV has "steered clear of covering the demonstrations" and is "loth to irritate the government because their owners' business interests at times rely on government support."

3. Even NTVhas admitted that its lack of coverage of the outbreak of large scale and unprecedented protests in the centre of Turkey’s largest city was in direct response to political pressure.

4. The BBC guidelines clearly state: "Any external relationship must not undermine the BBC’s core values of impartiality, editorial integrity, and independence."


= BBC, NTV şimdi de seni sansürlüyor! Bu ortaklığı artık fes et! İmza kampanyasını paylaşın ve RT #gezi

=  BBC, NTV is censoring you now! Stop your partnership: Share / RT petition #gezi

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