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Make Eddie Redmayne the next Doctor on Doctor Who

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"We, the fandom of Doctor Who, in order to cast a most perfect actor, establish justice after Steven Moffat and insure international sanity, provide for the defense of the universe, promote the welfare of the show, and secure the blessings of happiness to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this petition to cast Eddie Redmayne as the Doctor for the United Whovians of the World."

The rest will be in all seriousness:

Eddie Redmayne is an award-winning actor, and even when watching short clips of his work, one can see why. The range of emotion he can bring to a character is astounding, as seen in The Theory of Everything and The Danish Girl. His personality, namely his vivaciousness and depth, captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Casting Eddie Redmayne would not only uphold the name of the Doctor and bring something exciting to the table, but would bring two fandoms together to form one big audience, as Eddie Redmayne has been highly acclaimed for his work as Newt Scamamder in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. His acting in this shows he can play a fun, playful, whimsical character, and yet incorporate the more scientific and intellectual sides of the Doctor, not to mention he would breathe new life into the fandom with his younger, more tender and caring vibe. Doctor Who was and is intended to be a family show, and Eddie Redmayne can still do that while diversifying the fandom. Eddie Redmayne is a force for change, and is already held dearly in the hearts of viewers everywhere. Please take this petition into deep consideration when casting the next Doctor. Peter Capaldi has done a great job, and the show needs someone as different as Redmayne to make it even better and lead it into the future.

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