Free George The Inspirational Shard-Climber From Unjust 6 Month Custodial Sentence

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It is inconceivable that a high-achieving, inspirational 20-year-old has been sentenced to 6 months at Pentonville Prison in the UK. At 19, George King-Thompson free-climbed the Shard to exercise a passion and to inspire people to find a purpose in life (his life goal). 

This feat required extreme mental and physical strength; it took months of dedicated planning. However, due to breaching a Court Order, George was locked up at our taxpayers’ expense in a prison notorious for violence and overcrowding. Why waste public money punishing a courageous young man? He has an incredible lust for life. He is passionate, selfless, personable, charismatic, adventurous and optimistic. He is an ultra-marathon runner, a charity worker, a Personal Trainer, a boxer, a thinker, an explorer and quite simply, an inspiration. He focuses on the good in society and shouldn’t be treated like a criminal.

This sentence is unjust. If you agree, please sign and share this petition with your friends and family to support and add weight to our campaign to reduce George's sentence. 

Thank you!

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