Force BBC to release vote results for Strictly Come Dancing week 4 episode 12/10/19

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On 12 October 2019 the BBC Strictly Come Dancing judges scored contestants erratically and the voting phone lines failed.

The BBC has not been held to account for these two things and remains ‘above the law’ when it comes to explaining itself to the voting public.

Two contestants with some of the largest online fan bases - Dev and Emma - found themselves in the dance off. Their social following sizes (both the celeb and the pros combined) are much larger than many of the celebs who were voted through to the next week. The number of people saying they were voting for Dev and Dianne and Emma and Aljiaz on the night was much higher than for other celebs.

The voting phone lines failed for some contestants and not others.

Meanwhile, the judges on the night seemed to be ignoring all technical competence of celeb contestants and handing out scores randomly, most likely at the demand of the producers, to keep the less talented dancers in the competition. 

Strictly is a national institution and its viewers deserve not to have their intelligence insulted in this way. Trust has been destroyed and the only way to rebuild it is to provide some transparency:

- Release vote volumes by contestant for both phone and online along with full technical details of the phone line problems 

- Film a special ITT in which the judges explain their irrational scoring

- Release a statement from the producers to reassure public that they do not seek to influence results in any way

- Provide a clear policy statement regarding pro dancers use of social media and the extent to which it is controlled by the production team.

Without the details above being available to the show’s loyal audience, BBC Strictly should be obliged to reinstate Dev and Dianne back into the competition.

The BBC must also consider its duty of care towards Dianne’s fanbase, many of whom are young girls and young women who have struggled with confidence and have been inspired to feel stronger by Dianne. What the BBC’s silence is telling them right now is that their votes didn’t count and that they must quietly accept the injustice without questions.