Don't sack Chris Packham

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Don't sack Chris Packham

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The Countryside Alliance have made an outrageous attack on Chris Packham wrongly accusing him and telling the BBC to sack him. Chris truly cares about wildlife and conservation and has put himself on the line to stand up for his beliefs which are based on sound knowledge.

It takes a brave man to make changes in this world, to break down old, outdated and deeply damaging traditions, and to call for the law to be upheld to save our wildlife.

There are people in this country who love and applaud Chris for his bravery and steadfastness.

But, to be very clear, Chris Packham should not be sacked from the BBC because:

  1. He has not transgressed his impartiality about any of the issues raised. 
  2. He has not compromised the BBC by speaking about the issues on BBC programmes.
  3. Chris Packham is a freelance presenter and, outside of his contractual agreements with the BBC (which he takes great care to uphold), he is free to say what he likes. This is the nature of our democracy in the UK.The things he is speaking out about are, with no ambiguity, illegal and criminal acts - the persecution of Hen Harriers on grouse moors and the continued transgression of the Hunting with Dogs Act.
  4. His opposition to the badger cull is based upon scientific principles voiced by the vast majority of the scientists who have investigated this issue.
  5. Chris Packham is not ‘an animal rights activist’ he is a pro-active conservationist who represents the views of many people across the UK who are concerned about the health and wellbeing of our wildlife.
  6. Chris Packham should be applauded for highlighting these topics to the public for their consideration and this should not compromise his ability to educate and entertain the British public.

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This petition had 80,135 supporters

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