BBC SOMALI BIAS AGAINST SOMALILAND MUST STOP — Pejorative terms in Somali ( Self-declared)

BBC SOMALI BIAS AGAINST SOMALILAND MUST STOP — Pejorative terms in Somali ( Self-declared)

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Subject: BBC Somali bias against Somaliland MUST STOP � 

“The BBC's reputation for impartiality and objectivity is crucial. The public must be able to trust the integrity of BBC programmes and services. Our audiences need to be confident that the BBC's editorial decisions are not influenced by the outside activities or personal or commercial interests of programme makers or those who appear on air.” Bbc charter


Unlike other broadcasters, BBC is a public corporation company which has a reputation of being impartial in every aspect of its reporting and programs and we have confidence in that.

However, this fact is increasingly in a serious question when it comes BBC Somali editorial programs and reports which is characterised as being overtly BIAS against some parts of Somali speaking people namely Somaliland.

This in our belief does a damage to the name of the BBC and potentially causes lost of confidence by a lot of tax payers in British Somaliland community in this country.

This petition is a part of an activism to address the long going bias of BBC Somali against Somaliland. 

Its no secret that BBC Somali department is dominated almost intentionally by journalists from Somalia where Somalilander journalists are almost actively prevented from ever joining it. Subsequently, BBC Somali DOES NOT represent the point of view of all Somali speaking people specifically Somaliland when reporting on complex matters and historical differences between Somalia and Somaliland which needs a careful reporting to avoid causing damage to an already sensitive relationships amongst those people.

This view that BBC Somali is only there for the point view of Mogadishu administration is widely accepted specially amongst Somaliland community in this country.

However, recently since the new Farmajo government came into being, BBC Somali seems to have undertaken an overt campaign to undermine Somaliland government in every way possible using BBC platform which is a public corporation.

This might not reported in other parts of the BBC since the language is less understood by other parts of UK communities. 

1- BBC Somali reports unequally about Somaliland at times putting forward false and unsubstantiated stories which has no credence whatsoever, Forexample, saying Somaliland becomes a dictatorship by sweeping the freedom of speech and arresting  groups of journalists. Not true.

2- BBC Somali hardly invites Somaliland representatives to debate about the topics that relate to Somaliand, but instead it makes gratuitous remarks while on air with only representatives from Somalia who agree with them.

3- BBC Somali frequently uses pejorative terms in Somali language to describe Somaliland( a full functional democratic government, despite being recognised according to all international institutions). These pejorative terms might sound normal in English but has degrading meanings in Somali. Therefore a place like BBC must exercise a thoughtful consideration of what it puts out there in the air.

 These pejorative Somali terms include :-

     - Self-declared group. This term is normally used in Somali language to describe militias. Somaliland couldn’t be far from militia not only historically as a separate nation which has united voluntarily with Somalia but also contemporarily for the last 30 years after regaining independence as being a fully functional government with 4.5 million people and different institutions such as army, currency, elected parliaments, elected local governments, elected president, court system, defined and defended borders, international agreements including with UK and many countries. I think this can’t be possibly described as militia and anything rhythms with it especially when we know comparably the state of Somalia as an empty skeletal system with only a single card in its pocket which is the old Somali profile in the UN and nothing beyond. A country whose president is being guarded by AU peacekeepers from his people. 


Finally, as British Somalilanders, with historical links with this country, we are asking with strong voice for the BBC to address this issue immediately without delay. We are taking our grievances to the doors of BBC, Westminster, related ministries until this is changed. 

We thank anyone who signs this petition for the sake of fairness and impartiality.


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