Demand Jo Swinson is included in TV debates in the run up to the General Election

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The TV Channels, Boris Johnson & Jeremy Corbyn want you make any TV debates in the run up to the UK General Election in Dec 12th a straight ‘head to head’ between the Conservative & Labour leaders. 

These debates have been crucial in previous election campaigns and it is an affront to democracy to exclude the leader of the Liberal Democrats from the process too. 

I am an undecided voter but I am outraged and disgusted by the plans to exclude Jo Swinson from these debates as I want to hear what she has to say in order to make my decision. I think we all deserve that opportunity. 

It is also pretty questionable to exclude other smaller parties too and you ought to consider how to include them in the process also. 

To the TV channels, respect your viewing public and their intelligence & widen the debate. 

To Jeremy Corbyn & Boris Johnson, what are you afraid of? It seems pretty clear. Have some respect for the electorate by including Jo Swinson & we might just start to respect you.