Bring back the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular concert

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Running for over 50 years, Doctor Who is a show that has captivated fans of all ages with brilliant storylines, incredible characters and a host of terrifying yet spectacular aliens. But the show would not be as memorable as it is without the fantastic musical score that has accompanied The Doctor's adventures throughout time and space. From the humble beginnings of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, to Murray Gold's emotive and thrilling pieces, the show's music is both loved and highly-sought after by all fans.

As a result, the BBC has taken the opportunity to bring the music of Doctor Who to concert halls to be experienced live by thousands of lucky fans, with former (and current) Doctors, companions and aliens making their way onto the stage. However, there hasn't been a full-scale symphonic tour since 2015, barring a one-off live performance in 2017 set to a season 10 episode in real-time.

And so, I am making this petition to the BBC, respectfully requesting that they bring the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular back to the UK as an annual event. Nothing compares to the experience of hearing your favourite pieces of music being performed live and raw by an orchestra, set to the backdrop of some of Doctor Who's most iconic scenes - taking you back through the years, making you laugh and cry with joy. If we can garner enough momentum and signatures with the petition, we could potentially make a serious step into giving the symphonic tour the regeneration it sorely deserves - even if we have to take the long way 'round.

Thank you for reading!