Bayview TX Irrigation District Must Lift Feeding Ban for Colony Cats

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The Texas Bayview Irrigation District has been home to a cat colony for 7 years. I am the colony caretaker for 5 cats who are part of a trap-neuter-return colony. On Sep 9, 2015 the Board voted to ban feeding cats on their property with no justifiable reason.  I, as the colony caretaker, fed the cats in the back of the irrigation district building until the manager backed into my car on July 10, 2015. When I filed against his insurance, he said I could no longer drive my vehicle onto the back property due to liability issues.  So I parked my car out front and walked through the office to the back to feed the cats.  Then he said I could not go out back because I may be bitten by a snake. So I began feeding the cats through the front fence. Now I can't feed them at all.  Please sign this petition and call the Bayview Irrigation Office at 956-233-5800 and ask to speak or leave a message for Vicente Ramirez, the manager, with the following message: Please allow the cat colony to stay on the Irrigation District property and be taken care of by the colony caretaker as it has been for 7 years. 

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